One Brown Eye One Blue Eye Rare? Question

Discussion in 'Goldfish' started by moo the fish, May 19, 2018.

  1. moo the fish

    moo the fishNew MemberMember

    I recently purchased a new 5 cm baby oranda goldfish called lucky i was looking at her today and i noticed she has one completeley blue eye and one completeley brown eye , this has nothing to do with her scale patturn as she is entireley white is this common or rare?
  2. Rtessy

    RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    I'm not overly experienced, but I haven't seen that before. Do you have pics? I'd love to see her
  3. 75g Discus Tank

    75g Discus TankFishlore VIPMember


    I’ve never heard of a Goldie like that!

    Cool find!

    Can you send some pics?
  4. psalm18.2

    psalm18.2Fishlore LegendMember

    Could be a cataract or maybe blind in that eye?
  5. OP
    moo the fish

    moo the fishNew MemberMember

    she can see very well its not clouded ill be back with pics

    1526763841699465620073.jpg1526764095000476734995.jpg heres pics

    se was hiding in the corner as i just turned the light on so i couldnt get the front of her so i got one from both sides
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  6. Rtessy

    RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    Oh very interesting! She's gorgeous! I've seen a single one before that had one brown eye and one gold eye, but I'd definitely say she is very unique
  7. CardeaterValued MemberMember

    You can name her Kate Bosworth .

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