Once again: Slender the Axolotl has not grown AT ALL since I've gotten him... Help

  1. blusshed Well Known Member Member

    Okay so here goes...

    Just want to try to see if anyone can help me solve the mystery of why Slender hasn't grown at all since I've purchased him.

    B1E62FAA-E233-4993-84EA-5C181ECC04F5_zpsq4krs6ii.jpg 0ee23942658151be08505b68035cc0e9b268602f8738fda92d68283cf71d56df.jpg 81f0257a2a8d18b860e306c764c9bfecfb1342c261b7fa2b0419ead2cce2576e.jpg 7486038bf3669288dd5f53ad28fd0f012c19db861e94836a58251d014bf13e09.jpg a7a379b19bae28eca7600cf53a11178cf611d357ed54682a7aff611dbe7cb0e8.jpg 53548179501892a66c44f6e700fcd6b00ba0b0d2509c4941dd96f5bd3f44767a.jpg b08f1d76e6f77ff19d93227ce12a8793e94494b2578756e718f8d86ee51d80bf.jpg

    Current tank (as I've posted before), and pics of Slender and Hellven from tonight...

    They eat Frozen Bloodworms, meat pellets (rarely), and recently started earthworms, but I feel more comfortable with Bloodworms for now, especially since my first experience with an earthworm was not good with Slender...

    I think he may be a runt, and just is failing to thrive, as I've found some other people with the same problem, but if anyone has any input I would really appreciate it!

    I'm also seriously considering setting up the 10gal for him tomorrow, bare bottom with some suction cup silk plants, and giving him some special attention... Hubby already approved as long as it makes me feel better. :p Spoiled brat I am...
  2. emmynk Well Known Member Member

    I would try feeding more earthworms. Bloodworms really don't do much nutritionally. I found my axie grew better on earthworms and axolotl pellets. If you're worried about skinniness, you could try feeding some fattier foods, like wax worms or beef heart (I haven't fed beef heart, I don't like the idea, but it works to fatten them up) also, the only reason I would move the baby into the 10 gallon is if he is competing for food or getting picked on! Although small, your baby looks pretty healthy. I'm sure he will be fine :) its good to see you care though!!
  3. Micaela13 Well Known Member Member

    I just thought of this when I was looking at your profile yesterday lol was he wild caught?? Just out of curiosity

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  4. blusshed Well Known Member Member

    LFS said captive bred.
    i don't even think axxies exist in the wild anymore? :( poor little things... Habitat destruction is so sad...

    I feel like he's not "thriving"...
    I target feed both of them, and Hellven can get a little nippy at feeding time if poor little Slender is the one being fed.

    plus this 10gal will be in my bedroom, much more quiet than my living room, and also a heck of a lot cooler. The only AC in the house is in my room, to cool where we all sleep. I feel like the cooler temp would help him thrive, with a combo of no bigger axxie bossing him around, and earthworm diet.

    he never hides, except in the big silk plant you see floating in every which way in the pic, so I think he would appreciate a silk plant "floor" to hang out on.

    ill have to try something else if the solid earth worm diet doesn't work!
  5. emmynk Well Known Member Member

    It is illegal to get axolotls from the wild, and extremely difficult if not impossible. It really is sad that they don't thrive in the wild...

    Good idea! Let us know how it works out.
  6. blusshed Well Known Member Member

    I'll post updated pics of his new temp home as soon as it's finished!
  7. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    He looks so tiny in the top down pic. I would be concerned with re introducing him to the main tank later if he didn't get bigger on his own. If Hellven doesn't pick on him now I would leave them together they both seem happy and healthy in the pictures
  8. blusshed Well Known Member Member

    If he doesn't grow at all honestly the 10 could be his home...

    i would be devastated if Hellven kept growing and he became a meal.
  9. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    fingers crossed for the little guy. If he is going to get better under anyones care it will be you.
  10. blusshed Well Known Member Member

    I do hope so! Thank you for the encouraging words! :)
  11. Micaela13 Well Known Member Member

    Yeaa that's true. I think they are still out there, i remember seeing videos on people catching them. But I mean they could of been old or these ones were once captive.
    I hope slender perks up soon! Idk what could be wrong.

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  12. blusshed Well Known Member Member

    Caudata said both my axxies look small for 5 months old, but I told them that Hellven has grown, and is more plump, they said it might be good to seperate them...
  13. Micaela13 Well Known Member Member

    Hmmm yea maybe it is best to separate them.. maybe they are stressing alittle bit (especially slender) from competition or something similar. Maybe just separate and see what happens.

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  14. blusshed Well Known Member Member

    Right, I can't see the competition? Since I tweezer feed them both... But you really never know?

    i got his plant, TSS, and the tank is in the house, I didn't have enough hours in my day today, so tomorrow will be Slender's moving day.

    UPDATE: got the 10gal set up, filled, and dechlorinated, tomorrow morning I add TSS and Slender and hope for the best!

    everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!
  15. blusshed Well Known Member Member

    This (with a couple rocks added tomorrow) will be Slender's rehab home.

    I'm really counting on his recovery, these are my first axolotls and I really have ALWAYS wanted these little cuties, and I did a lot of research before purchasing mine. I don't want to let them down!

    Everyone keep little Slender in your thoughts! I'll post updates as I feel an update is needed (like tomorrow with the rocks and Slender added :p)
  16. Micaela13 Well Known Member Member

    Haha looks great!!! Looking forward to seeing updates and hopefully slender likes it!! :D

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  17. Lyfeoffishing Well Known Member Member

    He is very cute!!! Hope he dose bett err in hi new tank. Hopefully your fenae wasn't a big bully
  18. blusshed Well Known Member Member

    Saying goodbye for now!

    When I started talking to my Hubby how since they've eaten their earthworms it was time to move him, they went to this rock together and sat, then swam to a corner together and hid from me... It's like they knew. I almost felt too bad to take him away. I hope they don't get too upset,.. I don't need Hellven sickly next!

    Finished rehab center for Slender!

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    (Stupid phone making it sideways)

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  19. Lyfeoffishing Well Known Member Member

    Good luck with rehab. You sure have his best interest in your heart and hope he turns around.

    Btw how big do they get?
  20. blusshed Well Known Member Member

    I do! I really hope he pulls through, and at least plumps up a bit!

    Adults around 12-18ins. I'm assuming mine will be rather small, as only one has grown, but not a TON, and the other, clearly, is still TINY.

    Little mini-lotls. :p