On The Menu? Malaysian Trumpet Snails 30 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Tassie_Jules, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. Tassie_JulesNew MemberMember

    I have 4 x 1 1/2" juvenile Angelfish, and 4 Kuhli Loaches along with a 4" Rainbow Shark and a 3" Bristlenose catfish.. will they eat Malaysian Trumpet Snails? I have some live plants along with plastic plants, driftwood, rocks etc live in Tassie so some snail varieties aren't available here. Any info or another snail option would be appreciated, Cheers Jules
  2. MiawValued MemberMember

    They will not eat Malaysian Trumpet Snails.

    If you're looking to have MTS in that tank as a snail option you'd be half in luck.

    Half not in luck because they are buried in the substrate when the lights are on. They only come out in the dark.

    Why not ramshorn?

  3. Tassie_JulesNew MemberMember

    Thanks Miaw, Ramshorn was what I wanted but they'e illegal in Tasmania is there another snail that won't disappear all day? (Besides mystery snails)

  4. Tassie_JulesNew MemberMember

    Replied as a new comment lol - very new to forums! Oops

  5. MiawValued MemberMember

    No problem. The quoting on this forum works pretty strange :p

    If assassin snails are legal they don't hide. They don't require snails to eat either, however if you did want to add a MTS colony the assassin snails will enjoy hunting them.

    If you have a male and female assassin snail they will breed slowly, if that is something you would like.

    There are a good few other snails like tadpole and pond snail, also this small tiny ramshorn-like snail with a shell that goes sideways. Most people consider these three snails plagues. Personally I don't mind them. You only get loads of them if you feed too much.

    Another option which you might like is rabbit snails.
  6. Tassie_JulesNew MemberMember

    Assassin Snails are apparently also illegal... not much of a choice here. Will the Kuhli Loaches dig up the MTS if I decide to try them? Ta
  7. MiawValued MemberMember

    My Kuhli Loaches don't have sand so I don't know about their digging habbits sorry.

    Did you know that depending on the size of your tank, if you have MTS you will possibly have 100s living in your substrate? I think they contribute so little to bioload it doesn't necessarily matter, but some people just don't like the idea of it.

    In one of my tanks the substrate crawls. It's a tank which has about 10 puffers which very much enjoy it :p

    Did you check out rabbit snails? :)

    It's so weird that MTS are the ones you're allowed when they're kind of the most prolific and probably invasive lol. Perhaps it's because tasmanian waterways already have them.
  8. Tassie_JulesNew MemberMember

    Lol that could make it tricky trying to clean the gravel with a Syphon? If they don't block the tube, I'd have to strain the dirty water yes? Also can’t GET rabbit snails...
  9. DoubleDutchFishlore LegendMember

    What's the reason you want them?
  10. shutterbug13Well Known MemberMember

    What are you looking for in snails? Have you looked at nerite snails? They are pretty good at eating algae and they can't reproduce in freshwater.
  11. Tassie_JulesNew MemberMember

    Always loved snails... not sure why. Before I moved back to Tassie I had generic pond snails in my tank, and they weren't a problem. Have a new tank since moving here and wanted to keep some as additional interest.

    Apparently the Nerites will be eaten by either the Rainbow Shark or the Angelfish
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
  12. MiawValued MemberMember

    They don't get in the way of gravel vac don't worry about that :)

    PS where did you see that nerites get eaten by rainbow sharks?
  13. shutterbug13Well Known MemberMember

    Nerite snails are fairly large so they should be fine. Lots of people keep nerite snails with angelfish.
  14. Tassie_JulesNew MemberMember

    Ok thanks, when I add Nerites to my tank setup on the website "Aqadvisor" the warning comes up about them being eaten by the Rainbow Shark

    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 23, 2018
  15. Tassie_JulesNew MemberMember

    Just had it confirmed that the ONLY snails I can get in Tasmania (quarantine/environment laws) are Mystery Snails (which I don't particularly like) so looks like no snails will ever be on the menu Cheers Jules
  16. MiawValued MemberMember

    How totalitarian lol

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