OMG! Spongebob now has green hair!!


Okay, are you people sick of me yet?

Not only am I stressing because Angel is sick, but now there is algae growing on the Spongebob ornament in her tank.

Soo... to recap:

1. She has finrot.
2. She may be constipated.
3. She has been sitting on the bottom at times & has tilted to the side a couple of times.
3. She's on day 3 of Maracyn treatment and her water has become so cloudy it's hard to see her.
4. She was given a pea treat today & the day before yesterday. (I will fast her tomorrow.)
5. Ammonia & nitrites both tested at .25 today. (Nitrates are still zero.)
6. The tank now has green algae in it. (No - it definitely does not look like any type of worm.)
7. Last, but not least, I'm completely losing my mind over this stupid, expensive, time consuming, entertaining, feisty, lovable FISH!!!!!!

Oh yeah, this isn't even my fish. She was given to my 7 year old daughter a year ago. I am such a DOOFUS.



Welcome to the club! You sound just like the rest of us at times
I wouldn't worry about the algae until you finish the meds. Algae uses the extra nutrients in your tank. Since you have some ammonia and nitrites these are the nutrients the algae is using. Does that make sense?
With multiple water changes after the meds are done the algae will most likely go away and your fish will be happier also.


Green haired Spongebob. hehehehe ;D

Added it to my Poll.

(see the polls section)


I am so glad she has someone who cares as much as you do. Like Butterfly says, don't get too wound up until the medication treatment cycle is done and you have done a few water changes and the carbon has done its work. It will all be okay, but we have to get your little Angel well first.

She is also right in that you are just one more member of the forum who is going through the same type of maddening, mindblowing, upsetting, and totally infuriating problems that come up; BUT the rewards that these lovable little fish offer us are well worth the effort. I wonder that I have not gone bankrupt many times over but I find that I would give up eating and sleeping most days for the good of my little characters.

Join the club, you sound like a wonderful betta parent. How many of us have inheirited pets from our children and now love them dearly.



You haven't experienced half of it yet. ;D But fish are COMPLETELY worth it.

Algae never hurt anything so you can worry about that last. Hope Angel gets better, and let us know how she is doing.


Because of all the things that you described, our 29 gallon tank is being turned into a leopard gekco habitat! lol!

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