Olive Nerite Snail Info?


I'm thinking about getting an Olive Nerite Snail for my 5 gallon planted aquarium, tank mate would be a Betta. However, I can not find much info about them anywhere - except that they eat algae but not plants and can't reproduce in fresh water. Google isn't coming through for me here. I want to know how to take care of them, what size tank they need, food to supplement besides algae, water parameters, what I can and can't add to the water with snails or this snail in particular, and whether they would be compatible with the Betta - if he would bother it at all I don't want to risk it, because the snail would be a pet too. Also, do snails really care if they are the only snail in the tank, would they want company from other snails or don't even notice that sort of thing? Any links that would tell me about them or personal experience would be wonderful! I want to know a lot about them before I decide whether or not to get one, and this is the first time I've really thought about getting an invertebrate seriously so I'm pretty clueless.




I have an olive and a zebra nerite as well as a purple mystery. I think they are awesome to watch. IMO the snail should not bother your fish at all. Mine are in with angels, cories, and neons as well as plecos. I really don't think they care about companionship. Mine will ride around on the zebras back every once in a while but he is much smaller than my zebra lol. I like to think that he just likes piggy backs but I think he is cleaning the zebra's shell. The food you are feeding your betta should not have any copper in it as it can harm your snail as well as shrimp. You must supplement your water with calcium in the form of cuttlebone or eggshell or other methods. Some people say that the nerites will enjoy blanched cucumber but nether of mine will eat blanched or raw. I do supplement with hikarI algae disks (no copper). Best of luck to you!!!


@Aquarist 48: Thanks, those links were very helpful!
I have a couple questions on the copper. Right now the fertilizer I am using for the plants has some trace amounts of copper in it. I'm more than willing to switch fertilizers, but how do I get the copper that's already in there out of the aquarium so its safe for the snail, because there has to be some in there if its in the fertilizer...do I just treat for heavy metals, or is there something else I should do? Or can I never have snails in there now that I've introduced copper into the equation, even if I think I've got most of it out? Also, where do I get the Cuttlebone, how often should he get it, when should I take it out, and do I have to do something to it before adding it to the aquarium? Also, do you know of any places online where I could get Nerite snails, because no one carries them around here - and from the shape their mystery snails are in, I wouldn't want to buy them around here anyway.


1 NO copper

2 nerites are great if your tank is not over stocked or too lighted 1 or 2 will do for 5gallons
any more and you'll need to supplement their diet, have 5 in my 75 gallon.
+1 on the hikarI algae disks.

3 they should be sturdy as far as taking abuse from a betta. my dwarf puffers have only injurd one of mine and only because he ended up upsidown on the substrate somehow and they were close enough to nip at him before he uprighted himself.

4 they need brackish water to breed. but will do fine in most water paramaters(except for soft acidic) and most nerites are either male or female unlike many snails that are hermaphroditic. they will however lay eggs in freshwater but they either will not hatch or the larvae will not survive.

5 there is some good info on a few of the snail forums.


I'm glad you asked as I was going to ask about these snails too. They are highly recommended in planted tanks. Many people use plant ferts w/ snails and have no problems. You can search this using the search feature.


I use Flourish Comprehensive which has trace amounts of copper with no issue. My snails are fine and great.

I know many people keep them in 5 gallon tanks but be forewarned with a snail- I would clean more or have more live plants...they can poop. LOL


I use Flourish Comprehensive which has trace amounts of copper with no issue. My snails are fine and great.

I know many people keep them in 5 gallon tanks but be forewarned with a snail- I would clean more or have more live plants...they can poop. LOL
That's another reason they're good in planted tanks, fertilizer.


LOL yep for sure! You should see what it does for Crypts. Outstanding.


Mine breed all over the place. My tank is covered in their white eggs. I really like it actually, because some of the fish feed on the eggs. It is like a little live food culture, except the eggs never hatch. I just got Amano shrimp, and I am confident that they will clean the place up. All these eggs from about 5 nerites. Woohoo!


I love my nerites! I have tons in my two bigger tanks, and some in each of the others. they are so pretty. like the zebras, tracked, horned etc. the white eggs won't hatch, but are just there. so you have to pick them off if you don't want them. but I think they are so cute to watch. and pretty useful for algae too. =]

on the copper thing....I think that may apply to medications more than anything. because I use seachem stuff for plants also, and I don't have issues. i'd say go for it! get 2....they are really cool

though the betta could pick on them....you just never know with a betta.

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