Oldie Newbie says hello

  1. carolo43

    carolo43 Valued Member Member

    Actually I joined here some time ago but never had much time to post because I was a Moderator on another forum that took all my time. 6 years + 2 months of my time to be exact. :(:(
    The bot spammers finally drove me out and we all need to make changes now in then to keep life interesting.

    This is a nice forum, well maintained and clean. Apparently you have some Mods that are on top of things and that's nice to see.

    I moved to MI from FL in 2003 and started out like many of you. Got a tank that was too small, knew nothing about fish or cycling but had about one week to learn it all before I killed everything so hit the net and read until I was blue in the face. Within the first month of keeping fish, I had bought 3 more tanks and learned about cycling. I can't imagine being without a tank now but I'm restricted on tank size due to living in an apartment so 55's are the largest I've had.....3 of them, plus a 29 now going. A 10 gallon with some shrimp in it and a 5 gallon shoved under my bed.
  2. Gordinian

    Gordinian Well Known Member Member

    Well welcome to fishlore carolo!

    I think the MTS hit you harder than anybody I know, congradulations! lol

    I love fishlore, it's my happy place! Hopefully you'll like it too :)
  3. OP

    carolo43 Valued Member Member

    Thank You. I like it already but it will take me time to find my way around.

  4. c

    chevyguy8893 Well Known Member Member

    Welcome! I'm sure someone will point this out, but pictures are mandatory when you join :D, well not really, but they are welcome. It sounds like you built up you aquarium collection really quickly :eek:.

    I think I started out pretty much the same way, but only a misinformed stocking of a 10 gallon :(. That quickly turned into a complete second tank for free from a friend to give the fish more space. All the while I just kept reading, and reading, and reading some more, and I'm still reading lol. Third tank appeared soon after, and now I'm running a high light 20 gallon successfully. Somehow I picked up a lot in the short time I have been doing this, and didn't even realize it. I owe a lot of the knowledge I gained to the people on here, so you are correct in saying this is a nice forum :).
  5. OP

    carolo43 Valued Member Member

    Oh Oh. Guess I'd better figure out what I'm doing so I can get those pictures posted. LOL
  6. Gordinian

    Gordinian Well Known Member Member

    Oooo, yes, I forgot to mention pictures. Snap away!
  7. ryanr

    ryanr Fishlore Legend Member

  8. OP

    carolo43 Valued Member Member

    Thanks all. I will try to behave myself.:)
  9. A

    AlexAlex Well Known Member Member

    Welcome to Fishlore, Carolo!

    I'm glad you decided to resurface here! I hope you find all the information you need (or get it by answers).

    I do agree that this forum is very organized and THE best!

    Alex :)
  10. Disc61

    Disc61 Well Known Member Member

    Hi Carolo, welcome to Fishlore, i normally warn newbies of MTS, but, well looks like it bit you a while ago. glad to have you with us.
  11. Magoo

    Magoo Fishlore VIP Member

    Welcome Carolo :) I'm sure you will love the forum I know I do :) and yes we do like pictures lots and lots of pictures :D lol