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    ok ok ok ok ok deeeeeeeeep breath. OZZY's spawn is still alive in the 4th week and i'm go on a whim a guess which i hope i'm right.....but i'm nervous. up until the past two days i was loing a fry or 2 a day. the past 2 days ive lost about 15 maybe 20 fry. the rest seem to be healthy eating swimming. water temp ph air flow air temp are all in line. i know from what i read i'm supposed to expect losses. but my spawn has went from im guess 200 since hatch to about 150-175? now. im really nervous here. the only thing i can think of since the tank is cleaner than clean is the organs and such dont develop in a few fry. i hope im just freaking!!!!!! for no reason!!!!! i really hate to lose my babies. ESPECIALLY my favorite and most pretty (OZZY!) fish's babies.

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    Aww I'm sorry to hear. I'm not really knowledgeable in Betta Breeding so I cant say a lot. Hopefully someone else with experience will post in a short while.
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    What are you feeding them? 150 is a LOT of Bettas....Better get the jars ready....
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    first bites for egg layers. im thinking they are rdy to move up now. they are 3x the size they were when they were born. i did a 50% water change dieoff seems to have subsided. im forever vigilant in cleaning the tank and keeping the variables in check. my guess is nature said a few just werent gonna make it. i dont use jars i use the little aquariums 2 1/2 gallons. they can be partitioned 3 times. plus i have a 30 gallon growout. i hate losing babies :-(