old rosy barb slowly kicking the bucket... :(


A few months ago I lost 1 of my 2 oldest fish. He developped swim bladder issues, slowly lost his coloring and his tummy swelled up to atleast 3 times it's normal size. One morning I woke up and he was sitting at the bottom of the tank in a corner barely breathing and the other fish were starting to pick at him. I had to put him out of his misery I tried every remedy I could think of during all this thinking he'd just gotten sick. In the end I realised he must have just been too old.

I just noticed today that his brother, my oldest now, started having swim bladder issues too. At 4 years old, that barb is a trooper. It's soooo sad though!! He's been a wonderful fishy friend. Went through 2 moves with me and never got sick once!

this is hard to see


I'm so sorry I wish you both the best of luck!


Oh, that is so hard to read. We just love our fish and wish they lived a lot longer. I am sure he had a super life with you.


Good morning,

Sounds like your fish have had a wonderful long life with you!

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