Old Juwel Filter Converted to Surface Skimmer

  1. Blakeio

    Blakeio New Member Member

    Well guys the heading speaks for itself, was in need of a surface skimmer as lately Ive had some stagnant surface water building up in the 15g.
    It wasn't until after i had done the conversion that i realized i had the flow on the filter turned down as low as it would go, so i guess i have a spare surface skimmer for the next tank.

    will be wrapping the glued sections just for aesthetic reasons.

    Anyway here it is.

    2014-07-27 20.13.18.jpg 2014-07-27 20.17.18.jpg 2014-07-27 20.20.08.jpg 2014-07-27 20.30.26.jpg 2014-07-27 20.54.33.jpg 2014-07-27 20.57.18.jpg 2014-07-27 21.13.50.jpg 2014-07-27 21.14.15.jpg 2014-07-27 22.08.49.jpg 2014-07-28 17.25.53.jpg 2014-07-28 21.11.58.jpg 2014-07-28 21.26.40.jpg 2014-07-28 21.26.56.jpg


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  2. lorianne621

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    Very Kewl! I love DIY