okay so I dont like airstones in my tank

  1. callofduty Member Member

    like the look of the air stones in my tank. So I had a question. I have a 75g tank with a aqua clear 110 filter which creates a decent amount of bubbles in its self. The current from this filter however is not making much water movement on the other side of the tank or anywhere really exept the surface by the filter.. So I was wondering if the bubbles from the filter would be enough and if i just returned my air pump and and accesories should i buy something else to just make a good nice current on the opposite side of the tank from the fileter? if so please explain what I need to get and what to do. Thanks to all in advance@!
  2. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    I don't run air pumps on any of my tanks. I hate them. A powerhead on the opposite side of the tank, pushing the water back towards the filter is a much better way to get the circulation you need.
  3. callofduty Member Member

    awesome thats what I was hoping! your the best. You always reply with speed! Could you point me in the direction of a good powerhead to use for a 75g? If it matters on the fish atm I have 1 tiger oscar 2" and a pleco 3" might be adding 1 jaguar cichlid.
  4. Wendy Lubianetsky Well Known Member Member

    :;cr Why don't you buy another aqua clear 110 filter for the other side of the tank. 1) You will get the benefits of a bigger bacteria colony. 2) You Will have a back-up filter if a filter fails for some reason. 3) It will create the even water motion for which you are looking and 4) You will get the additional air bubbles carried into the tank. 5) You will move more gph and have better filtration for your tank. I am not familiar with the aqua clear 110 filter. I would exchange the air pump for another aqua clear 110. I assume it moves 110 gph? In my tanks, I am moving 900 gph in my 60 gallon tank, 700 gph in my 30 gallon tank. 750 gph in my 40 gallon tank and 300 gph in my 20 (which I actually want to upgrade). I am not sure you are really moving enough water in your tank. I am sure you will get additional opinions (I hope) to give you more options, but that is what I suggest.

    Good luck with your tank. A picture would be great if you have one. :cool:
  5. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    I tried the penguins and hated them, so I guess it's the entire line I don't like :) I also didn't like the aquaclear ones. I really like the hydor koralia line. They can be positioned anywhere and are very quiet. I'm would expect similar circulation pumps to perform similarly. Azoo powerheads are good too. The have suction cups and can be mounted anywhere. You can also put a sponge on them. Those are the ones I have experience with.
  6. callofduty Member Member

    yeah i dont want to buy another 80$ filter, and the filter runs 500gph by the way. im more interested in a actual current for water movement than another filter. As I said the filter isnt really creating a current just only at the surface of the tank by the filter.
  7. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    That's what the powerhead is for. The 110 is in reference to the filter's capacity. It moves 500 gph.

    I agree that eventually you will need more filtration based on the stock you have and want. You don't need it yet, but you will when the fish are bigger. A powerhead is the cheapest and most effective solution to the problem you are asking about.

    I don't advise filtering much more than 10x an hour. If you need more than that in order to maintain water quality, then your tank is either massively overstocked or the quality of filtration is not very good. I'm just being frank.

    The reason to turn the water over faster is so that there is a lower concentration of ammonia to process. A higher concentration would result in unprocessed ammonia being dumped back into the water. This is what happens with underfiltered tanks.

    Filtration and circulation are two entirely different things. Filtration is volume of biomedia. Circulation is GPH. Circulation does not filter the water. The lower the volume of biomedia, the higher the GPH needs to be in order to compensate. Filters with large media capacities don't need as high a GPH because they can process a higher concentration because there is a longer exposure time. That's why the GPH rule of thumb is 8-10x for HOBs and 5-8x for canisters.
  8. callofduty Member Member

    yeah I just looked up the koralias and I think ive found my powerhead. im gonna purchas a hydor koralia 750 for my 75g thanks so much for your help and advice!
  9. Wendy Lubianetsky Well Known Member Member

    Glad You Found Out What You Needed :-*
  10. iZaO Jnr Well Known Member Member

    I agree. The filtration will suffice, but before getting HOB's i would look into canisters for that stocking. Oscars are notorious as you will know.

    Powerheads used in tandem with powerheads are great. I dont have to vacuum my 2 larger tanks because of that.