Ok, why all female fry?

Discussion in 'Guppy' started by Blk69, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. Blk69Valued MemberMember

    My breeding tank (bunch of guppies in a 75 gal) has gone thru 3 litters. Have about 12 fry. So far all my fry have been female (only about 1 month old). Are fry female to male percentages that much higher for females? Would have thought it would be the other way around?

    Should I be concerned my litters are so small. Realize some of the fry may be consumed by the adult fish, but odd once I notice the fry they do not get eaten. Had poor water quality, that harder on the boy fry vs. girls?
  2. KingDFishlore VIPMember

    I had the same situation with my batches of guppy fry, but after a while, when they start to develop their colors a little more, you can start to tell the males from the females. At least that's how it was for me and my fry

    Edit: you will also start to see their "male parts" a little better after a few more weeks

  3. Bijou88Well Known MemberMember

    All live bearer fry start of looking female, it can take up to a few months for the males to develop and and show.

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  4. junebugFishlore LegendMember

    Firstly, one month is too young to definitively sex guppy fry. Usually the fish need to be a solid half inch long before you can start sexing them unless you're very experienced (then you can sometimes pick out females smaller, but never a definitive male).

    What is your pH and hardness? These are the two determining factors when it comes to gender determination in guppies. Softer water with low pH yields mostly females or sometimes all females. Harder water with higher pH yields a more even gender ratio.
  5. Blk69Valued MemberMember

    Getting a water testing kit to test water. Some fry are over 1/2 and inch at 1 month. All the big ones clearly have female under fin-age.

    Would prefer higher percentage toward males. Have well water...assume neutral. Will check water levels when kit available.
  6. junebugFishlore LegendMember

    Finnage is not the way to sex young fry... Females will start to develop a large belly and gravid spots. That's how you tell them apart from the probable males. However males often develop their gonopodium late, particularly the smaller males. Nothing is certain in sexing baby livebearers.

    I would be surprised if you have fry larger than 1/2 inch at only a month old. Are you power growing them or something? That would require them getting a massive amount of food and since most fry spend their first month hiding, it's unusual to see one that large at such a young age.
  7. Blk69Valued MemberMember

    I have brave/stupid fry. At birth they are swimming around with the adult guppies. Everytime a adult pecks at one I think they are lunch but so far they have stayed off the menu. I try to feed the tanks multiple smaller meals throughout the day.
  8. Alexander333New MemberMember

    My last batch of guppies (17 fry) was very heavy toward the males. I had 12 males and 5 females! But for a while they weren't really possible to sex, when they start developing colours, you should start to see:)
  9. Blk69Valued MemberMember

    Correction....my fry are not 1/2" at one month. Just had some new fry over the last few days. Forgot how tiny they are. Believe what I thought were newborn fry were actually several weeks old. That puts my 1/2" fry closer to 3 months old...not 1.
  10. Blk69Valued MemberMember

    Update. You were all correct, some of my fry are males. The first group were all females. The second group did not start showing any male traits till they were about 1". It is amassing once they start to develop color how quickly they change. I have one male that is getting spots on this tail (cobra). Seams like every day he has another spot. Unbelievable how quickly they change. Would hate to buy any fish at this stage as coloring not consistent.

    My 1st group of fry (the three females) 3 months old, are a good 2". That is as large as the males I bought from the LFS. The females from the LFS are huge, their another 1/2 and much larger bodies. Wonder if my home grown batch will ever get that big?
  11. Kull1337New MemberMember

    You should be able to sex them as early as 1 or 2 weeks old. All females will have a gravid spot, as males do not. Obviously if you wanted to wait longer the male parts start to show at around 1 month. If trying to keep virgin females though I feel like by then it's too late. Sexing by gravid spots depends on color of guppies too. Darker fish at a young age obviously makes it harder to see. You can use a magnifying glass and flashlight if you have trouble seeing.
  12. Blk69Valued MemberMember

    Almost all my fry are dark. Will check for the gravid spot.

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