Ok To Put 10 Gal On Floating Kitchen Counter?

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Hi, I'm wondering if it's safe to put my 10 gallon tank on the kitchen countertop. It would look cool because you'd be able to see into it from the kitchen or living room area. The counter is not exactly floating (there is support running along the length) but it's not supported for the entire width underneath. I think the support is off-center, but since the counter's slightly wider than the tank I'll place the tank toward the better-supported side.

I've attached pics from listings in my apartment complex so you can see exactly what I mean. The counters are plastic laminate. It feels sturdy when I press down on it, but the tank probably weighs 111 lbs. The tank is technically estuarine (~25ppt) but that's not really relevant. I wasn't sure exactly where to put this post. Thank you!
Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 3.55.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 3.42.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 3.43.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 3.43.14 PM.png

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I would.

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If you'd feel comfortable having a 100 pound person sit on it, then it'll be fine.
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As long as the 4 corners are supported on the counter! The main pressure of a aquarium is the 4 corners and if they aren't supported the tank can bend or burst!
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One thing to consider, will you have light hit it constantly? Fish need rest. Plus you'll be near a grease and smoke point. So your water will catch mist that can cloud it and interfere with your fish' health.
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I would put one there in a heart beat.
Actually... a 20 long might be even better. As long as the beams are well supported you should be fine.

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It'd be okay but a 10 gallon saltwater tank isn't too smart of an idea
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I probably wouldnt, but that's just cuz I'm paranoid about support and as a carpenter I know they do a real "bang up job" installing counter tops. lol. other than that, if you can set 100+ lbs in that one spot and the counter doesn't give at all, go for it. its not right next to the stove, seems there is a good 6 feet or more between the stove and where the tank would go.

UniqueShark- the OP said its an estuarine tank- or brackish- tank, it should be fine. I keep a 10 gallon nano reef without struggle, just a little more observation and testing than my larger salt tanks. but being an estuarine tank, it would be closer to freshwater care than salt in my opinion
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Personally, as a person who's very proud of their nano, I'd probably give it its own table! Lol!
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Thanks guys! I might end up putting it on a small table after all, since I spend more time in the living room and would get to watch them more in there. Like some people pointed out too, keeping the black background on the tank will let the fish feel more comfortable and hidden, so they're not stressed.

Yeah, I know small salt-water tanks aren't the best idea. It's not a true salt water tank (I keep it around 25 ppt). Basically, the fish are leftovers from collections I made in the salt marsh for my thesis project at school. They're all Dormitator maculatus (fat sleeper) except for the one Gobiosoma boscI (naked goby). Luckily they're all very hardy fish and tolerant of fluctuations in salinity and such. They're much more tolerant than reef species.
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Excellent choices, I personally have a five gallon reef tank with peppermints and corals.

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