Ok To Leave Dead Fish In Tank For Others To Eat?

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    FishFan Member Member

    My question is...I couldn't find a fish that had died in my tank and when I did find it, one of my Apple Snails was eating it. So, is it ok to leave dead fish in the tank for the others to eat? Or should I try to remove them? Also-the snail just left the fishes 'shell' and kinda sucked out the insides (sounds really gross, but it was neat to watch the snail eating the fish). Thanks!
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    Miss Mouse Well Known Member Member

    Hey Fishfan,

    I know my friend lets his other fish and snails eat the dead fish. He also lets his fish eat baby snails and live "water fleas" (daphnias) so I think it is ok. Probably does them some good to have real fresh meat rather than freeze dried stuff but then if the fish has died of a disease maybe its not so good  :-\
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    FishFan Member Member

    I think you're right ;) Thanks!