Ok To Add These Fish?

  1. Diane 007

    Diane 007 New Member Member

    Hi guy's, Wondering if its ok to switch these fish over to a larger tank?

    5 neon dwarf rainbows
    5 bumblebee platys
    7 cardinal tetras
    They would be going into a 37 gallon that has 2 angelfish that are about the size of a loonie
  2. AquaticJ

    AquaticJ Well Known Member Member

    Yes. As with any transition, always watch for aggression.
  3. Hunter1

    Hunter1 Well Known Member Member

    “Size of a looney?”

    Let me learn something, what’s that?

    But yes, they will be fine. Some cover to help them avoid the angels would be good.
  4. OP
    Diane 007

    Diane 007 New Member Member

    Canadian_Dollar_-_reverse.png this is a loonie
  5. Jessica A Scripter

    Jessica A Scripter New Member Member

    You'll be fine.. aside from bottom feeders though, keep it at them.