Ok To Add Elephant Nose To My Tank?

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    mikedl Initiate Member

    I have a 50 gallon fully cycled tank and everything has been happy and healthy for a year now. 2 Moonlight Gouramis, 7 Lemon Tetras, 7 Neon Tetras, 7 Albino Cherry Barbs, 1 Bristlenose Pleco, 2 to this point well behaved CAEs. The LFS is selling some elephant nose fish and I think it would be a fun addition. I know it'll need some extra care with feeding/getting acclimated. Anyone with experience, here's my tank set up. I have a 3 year old at home which has lead to the Finding Nemo decor

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    Manjit Member Member

    Elephant nose would alone need 50 gallons... it will be fun but needs a bigger one... I would suggest removing some fishes if you want to add this one