OK so I want to report the results of my oxygen meter!

  1. uncclewis

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    Hi guys! I was often curious if I had sufficient oxygen merely from my plants (and I was still running a bubbler). I know I have a lot of canister water movement too. Well, I did a test and it was slightly low and this is from the top area where it meets the surface and this is not when the plant light was off...

    THEREFORE, my specific situation says that you still could use an aerator in your aquarium even with live plants. And not only did I already have one. I turned on my second one. When I do that I physically see the bubbles everywhere, but this is what I need! I guess (deep tank)! Thought you guys might wanna know!

    Further, I turned on my second bubbler when I learned this!

    EDIT it wasn't extremely low, just slightly, but I dont want them to even be slightly having trouble breathing lol
  2. Graphix

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    How did you test the oxygen? Is there some sort of test kit/solution? Just curious. That's very interesting.
  3. OP

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