Ok, I'm At My Witts End - Too Much Or Too Little Dechlorinator?

Discussion in 'Water Conditioners and Supplements' started by Homeslice, May 21, 2019.

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    I killed a lot of fish when I used Seachem Safe, I think that is what it was called, the dry version of Prime. I thought for sure I overdosed. Literally every fish in that tank died. So I figured I overdosed by far.

    So I got some Prime for Ponds. Much cheaper than regular Prime. Diluted it as it is very concentrated. Used it, and nothing died on it, but when I used it I saw all the snails in the tank went to the top of the water line, trying to get air and what not. So I figured that Pond Prime was bad, or at least not that good, for freshwater snails and fish.

    There is this product I but at Wal-Mart, called Start Right. Never had a problem with it, until tonight. I figured I would try it again to see if it can avoid the Pond Prime problem of apparently causing some reduce-oxygen environment that kills the fish. Used it many times in past, no issue.

    Tonight? The several minnows in the tank are almost all dead. I did a water change on a 20 gallon where they were, drained most of the water (probably did a 70% water change), and before refilling it with tap water added 2 cap fulls of Start Right. The Start Right instructions say one cap full for 10 gallons, but that is starting, you can do more if your water conditions are especially bad.

    So I sucked out 70% of the water, added 2 cap fulls of Start Right, filled up water in aquarium from bath faucet.

    Now they are all dead I think.

    Any idea what the problem is?!?!? This sucks not knowing whether they all died because of too much of the product, or not enough.



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    I thought you were using safe for awhile.

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    I don't think the product is the issue.
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    OP, you might want to check your measurements, even normal prime is very concentrated and easy to overdose in a small tank. For a water change in my 10g tank, i need 0.25ml. that is like 3 drops. I use a syringe to do it and even then I'm nervous. If you're eyeballing it, that may be the issue.
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    You will probably see another bottle sitting right next to the Start Right called Aqua Safe. Start Right is supposedly a bottled bacteria designed to be used when first setting up a tank whereas the Aqua Safe is a water conditioner designed to be used with each water change. I used the Aqua Safe for many years with never a problem. As a matter of fact I have a huge bottle of it sitting in my fish room supply cabinet. Once I discovered Prime I stopped using the Aqua Safe. Prime is very concentrated so it takes just a tiny bit of it to do the job.

    I am a firm believer in "Less is best" except for water changes so the less product I have to add to the water the happier I am. Saving money is a good habit to get into. I always check prices and try to get the best bang for the buck. Prime fits that bill for me. I buy the 500ml bottle. I use 3mls of it a week so a a 500 ml bottle is cost effective for me. If you think of it that way it may be for you too.

    I considered Safe but found it wasn't the way to go for me. I can see going that route if one has lots of huge tanks but in my case of only having a 55, a 10 and a few smaller tanks it just wasn't the route I needed to take. It took one extra step I wasn't willing or found necessary to take, Pre-mixed works for me.

    My advice, buy a big bottle of prime and stop trying different things or since you already have safe read up on it and find that it takes so very little of it to do the job. I would think just a few grains of it is enough to treat a smaller tank.

    As always just my humble opinion. :)
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    Thank you so much everyone. So let me ask a simple question. Lets say you did a water change, like a 90% water change, where you live, using tap water, but you forgot to add any kind of dechlorinator or any other product. Straight tap water into the tank. Would the fish bend up and die in like a minute or two?

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    I challenge you to a FIGHT! To the DEATH!!!!
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    It's been a long while since I did that, back in the goldfish bowl days. I remember signs of immediate distress and death within the hour.