Ok, Im an idiot.....

  1. h

    honeyooo Valued Member Member

    I have been trying to figure out how to change my signature on the profile and I cant seem to find out how. I can see the edit buttons for the other stuff but not for the signature. My fish have changed so I would like to update it.
  2. atc84

    atc84 Well Known Member Member

    click my settings on the top right of the page, then on the left column in my settings, under my profile is edit signature. :)
  3. Matt B

    Matt B Well Known Member Member

    You can click "my settings" in the upper right corner and then "edit signature" on the left side bar.

  4. OP

    honeyooo Valued Member Member

    Thank you so much!! I dont know how I couldnt find that but I couldnt loll All changed now!!