ok i found a bunch of things i want....

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ok I found a bunch of things I want.... I would like to know yalls opinion on what would go best with what and how many....

I know its alot...and I have more lol
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OK, since you like pink (not knowing anything other than the pics on the links you posted) I'd say:

Square Anthias
Candy Stripe Pistol Shrimp
and the male Tierra Anthias

Except I saw a special that included pistol shrimp on TV before and I'd be weary of those. According to the report, they break tanks quite often.
Has anyone had trouble with them? (the pistol shrimp that is)
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lol ok I didnt even notice most of the links I put were pink but yes....I love pink, lol my whole computer is pink (even the hardrive and such inside is pink.....all custom made...lol I have a clear window on the side of my tower you can see in....lol the whole thing was a gift from our friend....lol)

lol ok great...how can the shrimps break the tank? and I would love one but if that's the case then ill probly pass.... what about the fire shrimp? .....and the sand star? lol sorry I loved those two..... I don't know if theyd be good or what problems id have with them or what though so....
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Remember, I'm a newbie. Ever newer than you since I haven't even had fresh water fish. But I remember there was some sort of pistol shrimp that snaps its enlarged claw causing some sort of aquatic sonic boom that stuns its pray. It does this, I don't know if of frustration or at its reflection, to the glass and down it all goes. You might want to ask an expert. Maybe its just one type of pistol shrimp. If I'm not mistaken it looked the size of a small lobster. I think it was Discovery Channel
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lol ive never heard of that being able to happen and it kinda sounds like a Saltwater urban legend....lol but you never know.... that's okay.... I kinda forgot you were new also....lol wanna be study buddys? lol let me know if you come across anything interesting or usefull....lol
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Sure! Actually what I've been doing is following all the post from this one lady... leximomy... have you seen her posts? She asks so many questions I'm learning all from her posts. Oh... duh!

So far on rock alone I've just learned I'll probably end up spending around a thousand dollars for what I think I want. I think I need a third job just to support this new hobby lol. As for the fish legend, they actually showed it in a study lab. But, like I said, it was a big one... Oh! I just remembered. Its one that one show that has the Top Ten (What ever). Like the top ten loudest and the top ten fattest and the top ten fastest etc.
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lol I know I ask a lot of questions.....my husband can't stand it.... and my daughter does the same thing..... lol her latest quesdtion was why can't I hold the baby fishies! lol shes 2. (she sits infront of her tank looking at them and talking to them....she even read our molly fry a book....lol)

I'm one of those people that has to have tons of details and such to be satisfied...lol but the more I learn the more questions I have ....lol

I'm gonna try and find that crab thing....lol
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lol I know I ask a lot of questions.....my husband can't stand it.

I had an instructor who got so fed up with my constant questioning that the third day or so he told me he was giving me a daily question quota of three. I asked why. His answer was, "Now you have TWO left!"
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Re: ok I found a bunch of things I want....

lol that's funny...id have blown it in 5 min
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Re: ok I found a bunch of things I want....

Actually he gave up for that very same reason. Although I don't think it took me five minutes to get fifteen questions out of the way! lol... the class had fun tho ahahahah

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