Ok glue for tank plumbing-PVC?


I'm about to start getting supplies for the return plumbing from the sump. just wondering what kind of glue I can use that won't harm livestock?


aquarium silicone or just regular GE window and door silicone is the only thing i'd be confident that wouldn't harm your fish, but i'm not very well versed in that sort of thing


You can also use superglue, superglue gel is easy to use, it cures quick. This what I use, it won't harm fish once dry.


Plain old PVC glue will work fine. Use the purple primer and then orange glue and you should be good to go.

For silicone GE Silicone 1, NOT the GE Silicone 2 which has a mold resistant chemical that could be toxic to your tank.

You can use most any superglue for frags and stuff, and the gel glues with cyanoacrylate work the best.


Well, if its for plumbing that will be under high pressure, silicone and super glue gel are both out of the question unless you want your living room to turn into a swimming pool ;p. Use plain old PVC cement, either the regular dark blue, gray, or the light blue as long as you use a primer wit it.


I used clear pvc pipe glue and all my fish and corals are fine just give it 24hours to cure.

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