ok for Kuhli Loaches? 20 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by klj7678, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. klj7678Valued MemberMember

    I'll be getting a 20 gallon tank in a few months and I'm trying to work out everything ahead of time. I'll definitely have a school of GloFish (8 danios), many low-light, low care plants, and either mystery snails, a few ghost shrimp, or a few red ramshorn snails. I definitely want to use Eco-Complete Planted substrate in my tank since I already have a bag lying around and I like what it's done for my smaller tank (2.5 gallons). I was wondering if I had room for a group of kuhli loaches, or if the substrate would be too rough for them. I know I'd need a few loaches and plenty of hiding places for them so they would be comfortable. I also know that some loaches eat snails, so I'd be willing to not get them if it is possible to have loaches in my tank. I know I'd be overstocked based on the 1inch of fish per gallon rule but I think I read that kuhli loaches have a very low bioload and can be treated as a smaller fish. I'm fully willing to do additional water changes and anything else that needs to be done in order to keep my tank and its inhabitants healthy. Thanks in advance for your responses :]
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    Hi & welcome to FISHLORE!

    I researched them a while back then decided to stay with my YoYo & clown loaches but these are very pretty & seem to be entertaining just like mine.

    You should be OK but a 20 gal is their minimum tank size. They really like sand & I am not familiar with the Eco-complete but it seems like it would be smooth so it should be fine.

    They don't eat snails and like to be in a school of 3 or more - just like my loaches.

    I know they are escape artists - I lost one of my YoYo when he somehow found an opening that dropped him in back of the tank :( ...& we find our clown loaches in the tiniest of places☺ but none have ever gotten into our canister filter but I have read Kuhlis are pretty good at it - so try to cover any place they squeeze into!

    Have fun☺
  3. ricmccWell Known MemberMember

    I applaud your asking these questions before the fact, rather than after; it makes things so much easier, not on the basis of any advise that I can give, but rather on your doing your obviously having done your research.
    May I ask if you are inheriting your 20g, or planning to purchase one; if the latter, I would strongly recommend that you look into a 20g long, as your danios will wish to stretch their legs, as it were.
    Also, I might suggest that you wait on the mystery snail; attractive as they are, they do produce a great deal of waste, so perhaps you may get a handle on just how things are going prior to introducing one.
    Welcome to the site, and look forward to seeing you around it--all the best to you, rick
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  4. FishhValued MemberMember

    Hello! Welcome to the site!

    I currently have kept my 3 kuhlis in my 29g for 2 years now, although previously I had them in a 20g for 3 years prior to buying my 29g. Make sure to keep up with water changes. They are hardy fish, but you don't want to chance it.
    If you think a certain substrate would seem rough for them, then it will be. I personally used pool filtration sand, and mixed it with regular aquarium rocks. I use plant fertilizer regularly for my plants, to help their roots stay strong so I don't need special substrate for them. My kuhlis don't eat snails...I WISH!!!!! I feed them a mixed diet of shrimp pellets and/or frozen blood worms, about once-two times a week.

    Update us soon. :) Kuhlis are the best!! I just saw mine this morning for the first time in three months! I love it when they decide to come out and say hello.

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