oh well,

  1. Adz Member Member

    I guess i'l go to bed now, i've just found out the hard way that I cant sit up all night and watch my fish, i'l start looking like one if I dont sleep. Goodnight fish bites! <><   ><>   ;D  <><   ><>
  2. fletch Member Member

    I know, you get lost in their world dont you!!

  3. Adz Member Member

    you sure do, my girlfriends just doesnt understand :D
  4. Craig Well Known Member Member

    i find it hard girls that keep fish tanks over here when i always show them my tank they always say its very decorative lol is that all!!!!!! i spent ages on that lol sum of them dont understand but the 1s who like animals love it :D

  5. Adz Member Member

    I know how you feel lol!one of my tetra's were looking sick tonite so i've put it in the breeder box for the night