Oh, No, Snails!

  1. Redgypsy

    Redgypsy New Member Member

    I just found a few snails in my tank. I think they must have been in the plants I bought. I've never had snails before. Why do people hate them? Are they always bad? And if so, how do I rid my tank of them?
  2. d

    danhutchins Valued Member Member

    As long as you don't overfeed your fish the snail population will stay low and eventually die off.
  3. penguin02

    penguin02 Well Known Member Member

    Just pick out any you see and hopefully they won't reproduce a ton. If they do there's ways to get rid of them.
  4. Dch48

    Dch48 Well Known Member Member

    Snails can be beneficial as long as they don't mass produce themselves and don't eat your plants.
  5. Mazeus

    Mazeus Well Known Member Member

    I love snails, I have loads of differnt types (bladder snails, ramshorn, MTS, faucet, spixi and a mystery snails). They are good at keeping the tank algae free. I do have to occationally thin the population of the bladder snails.
  6. HORNET1

    HORNET1 Well Known Member Member

    Snails get a bad rap, IMO.
    I'm a strong believer in letting your ecosystem work.
    As danhutchins suggested, don't overfeed and everything should balance out.
  7. OP

    Redgypsy New Member Member

    Awesome! Thanks, everyone. I was loath to kill the poor things off.

    ELON MOLLUSK Valued Member Member

    I am also a fan lol, they are excellent cleaners and intriguing to watch and learn from!