Oh, no! Poor Amun! I fail!

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  1. bassbonediva

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    I so fail as a betta mom!!

    So, I have Amun in a 2gal hex (temporarily until I can upgrade him to something better) with the castle decoration, the DIY sponge filter and live plants. I made sure that nothing had any sharp edges before I put it all together because I know how delicate bettas can be. My females (one of whom is about the same size body-wise as Amun) had the castle in their tank for a while and they loved it and had no problems with it as far as getting stuck or anything.

    Well, Sunday morning I had a little freak out because I couldn't find Amun anywhere. I knew he couldn't have jumped out because the whole top of his tank except for a 1/2" hex opening for feeding is completely and tightly covered. So, I just went to church and did what I had to do and didn't worry about him because I figured he was hiding. Got home from church and sure enough, he was out and about and flaring at his reflection (until I walked into the room, then he went and hid again).

    Yesterday, he was just kind of hanging out at the top of his tank, so I did a 25% water change and he perked right up (his water tested okay, but not great at 0ppm ammonia, between 0 and 0.25ppm nitrite, and 10 nitrate). He even came over and flared at me a little bit. Went to sleep last night and all was fine.

    This morning, I went to turn on his light and there's a wound (looks like missing scales and maybe a tiny bit deeper) down his whole right side, but not into his fins! He's still hanging at the top of his tank and his coloring is a bit washed out (not too bad, though). Sorry, I can't get a pic. Tried with my cell phone and it just didn't work. I'll see if my parents left their camera at home (they went camping this week) and try to get a decent pic of it.

    SO, how do I treat my poor boy? I'm planning on doing daily 25% water changes to keep the water pristine (or every other day, if you guys think that would be better). I'm going to the grocery store on my way to work and picking up some garlic juice to soak his food in and I'll pick up some pellets at the LFS since they're easier to soak than flake (all my other kids eat flake food 'cuz they won't touch pellets, but Amun seems like he'll eat either, so we'll see). Should I also pick up some Stress Coat? I don't have access to VitaChem without ordering it online and by the time it got here, it would be too late (either he'd be healed or...). :-\

    :'( I feel so horrible that he got hurt.
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  2. harpua2002

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    I'd suggest daily water changes of 50-60%. If you can keep the water as clean as possible, he should heal up without any supplements.
  3. Shawnie

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    allot of us have been there....mini cycles can catch you totally off guard...a small bottle of stress coat will do wonders as well :) .goodluck with him!!
  4. harpua2002

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    Do you think he got stuck in the castle? I think you should probably remove it. Some java fern, java moss, or anubias will give him a nice place to rest that he can't hurt himself on. They are super easy growers and do well in low light. Just a thought. :)
  5. OP

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    I don't *think* he got stuck in the castle. I checked it before I put it in there and there aren't any holes small enough that he'd get stuck. They're all decidedly bigger than his body and he barely has to fold his fins to get through the openings. I think I'll take it out, just in case. I have a piece of smooth driftwood I can put in there to hide the sponge filter (basically the main reason the castle is in there) and I'm going to pick up some more plants for my 29gal today, so I'll put some of them in his tank. I have a piece of anacharis, cabomba and some dwarf sag in his tank right now. I'm not a huge fan of anubias (the one plant I tried melted within a few days and I had it under 2.5 WPG), but I could maybe get a small amazon sword instead (I have amazing luck with those). And this tank has ANYTHING but low light. It's got a 15W CF bulb in the hood that is a full-spectrum daylight bulb. :p
  6. lyndra

    lyndraValued MemberMember

    Oh no!!!!

    *hugs* poor little guy - I so know what you're going through right now!
  7. OP

    bassbonedivaFishlore VIPMember

    Thanks, lyndra. I just feel so bad 'cuz I've had him for all of three days and he's already hurt! :(
  8. OP

    bassbonedivaFishlore VIPMember

    Okay, I know this is a horrible cell phone pic, but I couldn't find my dad's camera. You can see the wound in Amun's side as the red line running down his purple side. It looks REALLY deep in the pic, but it isn't nearly as deep as it looks.
    I took the castle out and examined it and really can't figure out where he could have cut himself, especially not vertically like that. However, I traded the castle for a piece of driftwood (had to anchor it down with a piece of slate because it DID NOT want to stay down...the slate is smooth, as is the driftwood). Here's what his tank looks like now:
    Before I rearranged his tank, he was out and swimming around (he had been sitting up behind the filter tube all morning), but he got a bit upset with me for rearranging his tank (and disturbing his big MTS that was chilling on one of the turrets of the castle), so he's back up sulking at the back of the tank. I'm leaving right now to get some Stress Coat and garlic juice and then I have to head to work, but I thought I'd just update a little bit.
  9. Furallicah

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    Awww, Im sorry to hear he got hurt. I do suspect the castle had something to do with it. One of my females likes to squeeze right in tight beside her terra cotta pot and the side of the tank...lol. So maybe he did something like that. Other then the stress coat and garlicly food only time. I do agreee keep his water nice and happy clean and all should be well. Best of Luck!
  10. harpua2002

    harpua2002Fishlore VIPMember

    Those products should help along with large daily water changes. Don't beat yourself up over this. A lot of us, myself included, have had similar things happen. We assume that the ornaments and decorations that are sold by pet stores are safe for fish since they are sold for that purpose, but sadly that is sometimes not true. I've avoided hollow ornaments altogether because one of the first ornaments I got (a hollow piece of faux driftwood) resulted in a fish death. I found the poor little guy stuck inside the ornament when I went to do a water change, what a disappointment! Anyway, you are doing your best so don't feel too bad. Bettas are tough and I've seen them survive all kinds of nasty injuries. I'm sure your guy is going to be fine. :)
  11. OP

    bassbonedivaFishlore VIPMember

    Okay. I got the Stress Coat (love that it only has dosing instructions for 10gal :p ). I couldn't find the garlic, though! I only looked at one store (Walmart), so tomorrow I'll look at Safeway. Where is it normally sold? I also didn't get any pellets because Petsmart didn't have anything good (just Top Fin) and Walmart only had Wardleys (ummm...no!). I'm going to check Petco tomorrow. I want something like Hikari. I also got him a really nice sword plant while I was at Petsmart.

    So, here's his tank now (forgive the little bit of cloudiness...I stirred the sand up a little bit putting in the sword and it just hadn't settled when I took the pic...nice and clear now):

    He was actually interested in me (first time since I got him on Saturday that he hasn't hid from me!) when I got home, but then he got rather upset with me when I did the 50% water change, added the sword plant and added some stress coat. He did let me get a pretty decent pic of him, though:
  12. Tigerfishy

    TigerfishyWell Known MemberMember

    Sorry about Amun. At least he's not hiding anymore!

    I have to say that looking at your tank when you had just added the driftwood and slate, the pic makes it look bigger than 2gals. I had to go back to check the size of it to be sure!!

    He'll be better soon, you're doing the best you can for him, soon he'll be swimming to you begging for food like the rest of them!!
  13. Aquarist

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  14. Furallicah

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    Hey there, I wanted to point out that my stress coat bottle has measurments for 1gal & 5gal are you sure your lid dosnt? Look in the cup/cap on it it should list 1gal, 5gal and 10gal which is a whole lid full. Idk maybe it is different.
  15. damprye

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    Nawww poor bubba, at least he is getting better now
  16. OP

    bassbonedivaFishlore VIPMember

    Thanks, guys. He's still not happy with me about rearranging his tank. :p I'm going to give him bloodworms tonight (hopefully soaked in garlic juice...what section would I find that in at the grocery store? The only stuff I found at Walmart was "Peeled and Quartered Garlic" in the produce section, but there was no juice in it...I'd rather not have to crush my own garlic 'cuz I don't eat garlic at all and it'd just go to waste). Thanks for all the help and support! :)
  17. redlessi

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    It should be in the refrigerated produce section where salad stuff is kept. I use the one by spice world.

    Good Luck with your boy...........
  18. GoGreen

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    I like what you did in his tank, it looks really great.
    He's lucky to have such a nice arrangement, I am sure he will be happy with it!
    Hope he heals up well.:)
  19. OP

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    He's already starting to look better. I just fed him some frozen bloodworms. He ate about four of them, two soaked in garlic (I found it...on sale at Safeway for $.89!). I fed him the first two not soaked in garlic so he'd know what they were and would eat them. Little man gobbled them up, but only after I turned the light out on his tank. :p The wound is looking a lot better, even after just a couple of days. :)

    The first pic is before he realized that I was taking his pic:
    Then he realized I was taking his pic and said "No! You can't see my pretty fins!"

    I don't want to clutter up the forum, so I'll post pics of my other new(ish) boy too. This is Laurent. I saw him at Petsmart about two weeks ago and couldn't say no (as I've said, I sometimes have no self control :p ). His colors actually change in the light. In some lights he's reddish, in other lights he's pure lavender, and in other lights he's both. Tonight was his first time getting bloodworms and he was a little piggy, so his belly is VERY full in these pics!

    And Dragon, just because he decided to be photogenic tonight. Yes, his colors are exactly that, except maybe a little more metallic in the teal areas.
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  20. Tigerfishy

    TigerfishyWell Known MemberMember

    Aw lovely new fish, and I'm glad your boy's getting better, I can see the wound better in the pics above. Poor ltitle man.

    You're doing your best and he'll be back on top form soon, well done!