Oh no! I'm a nerd!

  1. Marc

    Marc Well Known Member Member

    Oh no! Potentially nerdy topic alert! :eek:

    When I'm bored I sometimes make websites. Just randomly. Do the whole thing - from PHP to XHTML to Flash. Makes lots of sites for friends and if anyone ever wants one I'll try and make one for ya!

    Oh no! Marc is now officially a nerd :(

    Anyone else want to admit to their nerdiness? 8)

  2. G

    Gunnie Well Known Member Member


    On this site, I think we all qualify as fish nerds! ;D
  3. J

    Jason Well Known Member Member

    My sisters sometimes call me a fish nerd. But I think its good to be knowledgable in this instance. Also get it because I get straight A's but I still play soccer for club so I dont get classified as a nerd.
  4. R

    RoboDude Member Member

    I am a fish nerd, I guess, I mean, I always blab to my friends about all these different fish without even noticing that THEY DON"T CARE! LOL! I'm do play sports, though, like basketball, baseball, rugby, wrestling, soccer, bowling, pingpong, and many others. My favorite sport is tennis, and my favorite tennis player is Lleyton Hewitt. Any other tennis fans out there?
  5. P

    Parvath Initiate Member

    Yep I like and play tennis. Loved watching Micheal Chang and Agassi. And I do like watching Kim Clijsters... its amazing how flexible she is.
  6. R

    RoboDude Member Member

    Yeah, she's like a rubber band, for god's sake!! LOL! :D
  7. P

    Parvath Initiate Member

    ;D he he