Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by ebbandflow, May 2, 2006.

  1. ebbandflowValued MemberMember

    So as I was feeding Satin tonight I noticed that it looked like his fins were torn in a couple of places. I reviewed the pics that Ive taken of him earlier and I think that he has his tail ripped like twice and a little shortened in one area. WHAT DO I DO?? Please help I am freaking out. Should I take out all my plastic plants? Treat for some disease as a preventative for fin rot? I honestly dont even know what finrot is and whether that is what Satin has or whether he just ripped it. Will the fin ever grow back?? HELP!!

  2. chickadeeFishlore VIPMember

    If his fins are torn, it doesn't make any difference if it is finrot or not the treatment is the same. He has to have a very clean water environment (I AM NOT saying he is dirty now, but just that it is really important now) The temperature is going to have to go up to 82 degrees and he is going to have to have a medication to get rid of the problem if it is finrot or prevent it if it isn't there yet. I would suggest Melafix because it is herbal and natural and with the increased temperature it should help. You add it to the water daily for one week and then do a water change and if the problem is still there, you continue with the treatment. The only other medication I would recommend if you would feel better with an antibiotic is the Fungus Clear Tank Buddies by Jungle Labs. You just drop one tablet in for every 10 gallons of water and leave it alone for 4 days (it says you don't need to raise the temperature, but I would never give medication without the 82 degree temp as the bacteria or parasite cannot read the box and they still need a higher temp to die) The reason I like these is because they help keep the fish from picking up a secondary infection after treatment.

    Seriously, the only reason I would go ahead and medicate is the fact that you mentioned the BANDING and something about that doesn't sound right. He needs to be medicated. I think you caught it really early so he should be okay. Just get that temperature up until you can get some meds in there with him. Now BREATHE.
    Believe me I know how hard it is to have a sick baby. I have spent nights sitting up with them. Turn up the heat and stay with him until the heater goes off. If you don't have a thermometer for your tank, get one. If your heater wasn't new when you got it, it may be not keeping him at a steady enough temperature. Sad to say you may need a new heater. The Marineland heaters are lifetime warrantied, but not that expensive if you need a recommendation.

    Let me know how he is doing. Let me know if you need anything. I really do believe he will be okay. Just try to relax so he doesn't pick up on you being scared. They are tough little pals and they aren't as fragile as they look, but I am glad you got onto it as fast as you did.

    I checked and the Tank Buddies are carried by Walmart here so they are available most towns that have a fish department at their Walmart.


  3. ebbandflowValued MemberMember

    Thank you so much Rose. The heater is brand new and I checked the temp for about a week almost hourly and it seemed to keep it at an exact temp. Would raising the temp even more then 82 be better or is 82 optimal? Thank you for the advice. Which treatment is the best one. I dont know anything about antibiotics so I dont know which one I would feel better about. Are there other signs I should look for if it is a parasite causing this vs him just having his fins ripped. And should I take out the plastic plants? Just in case that is what caused the rip?

    And thanks for the advice to not freak out... I will certainly try. Im not doing well so far, I cant sleep. God now I have a window into what parents have to deal with. I must say I do not envy them.

  4. chickadeeFishlore VIPMember

    Well 82 is considered the temperature that most of the medications which treat everything but ich seem to start working in a manner to which they are supposed to. I would say that 82 would be okay but anything over 84 is excessive at this point. If he were to break out in any white spots then we would shoot for 85 and stay there for at least 14 days. (ICH) But I am still guessing that he nicked his fins and got a little infection and has a case of finrot starting. He needs treatment, but nothing drastic. Put him up to 82 degrees or 83 if you aren't that confident of the accuracy of the heater. (no more than that at this time though) and look into getting him some medicine. I really would feel better giving him the medication at this point since he had the symptoms that we all thought were funny a day ago. It may have been the start of all this and now just to be on the safe side we don't want to have a full blown case of problems. The Tank Buddies are very good medication but not so strong that they will make him prone to backlash infections that we cannot cure. They are also easy to use because you don't have to worry about giving them at the same time or every day or anything. You just drop a tablet in the water and it fizzes until its gone and then it stays in the water for 4 days before you do a water change of 25% and if the case needs it you dose again. (AND remember BEFORE you put the medication into the tank to remove the carbon from your filter or it will take the medicine back out of the water right after you put it in) I don't suppose that your 10 gallon is ready is it? It would use so much less medication to treat him in the smaller tank. You can still do just fine in the big tank but the cost for the medication will be nearly 3 times as much. Unfortunately, though if the 10 gallon is not cycled, don't try to transfer him - he couldn't handle the stress of a partially cycled tank now. He is used to where he is. Is he eating?

    As far as parenting goes, I have been both parent to fish and humans, and I am not just too sure that children aren't easier. LOL They can at least TELL you what is wrong. I had the biggest scare with Misty today and so I know what you are going through in a small way. She didn't end up having a problem but she nearly gave her Mommy heart failure. Her parents must have had a dark maroon strain in them. Since she has been growing her fins have been getting more maroon on the parts of them that aren't transparent. I had looked at her and it looked like she was BLEEDING from her gills!! I changed her water and checked to see what she could have torn herself on and was frantic. I couldn't find a thing, and then I looked at the little darling really close and saw that she is getting little tiny vein looking lines of maroon all around her gills that are just her natural color. NOW WHAT? Am I going to have to get out an eye glass to see if she really has a problem or am I going to miss something by assuming it is just her regular spots!! Yes, you see I know exactly how you feel and what you are going through only maybe not to the same degree since Misty is okay, but for a while there my adrenalin was going, YOU BET it was.

    Satin is going to be okay. You are a good and loving daddy and doing the right thing. Just try to keep him on his regular schedule and feed him like usual. and let us know if you see any changes in his looks or behavior, but I definitely want progress reports. I was a nurse for 27 years and believe in reports LOL.

    Try to have a Good Night. Satin needs you to take care of yourself too.

  5. ebbandflowValued MemberMember

    As far as how he is acting nothing has changed... (eating normally, very active) so thats one thing I guess. :) The ten gallon is technically ready. It has been running for about a month now and I am actually getting bio spira via the mail tomorrow. Do you think it would be ok to put him in the ten gallon if I add in the bio spira with him? I have a thermometer so I have been able to keep track of the accuracy of both heaters... the temp gauges seem to be like a few degrees off (set it for 78 if you want 80, 80 if you want 82) but I figured them out and they keeep a constant temp once you get the setting right.

    Ugh "finrot". It sounds so disgusting and painful. Like gangrene or something. :(

    Im glad to hear that misty is just getting more beautiful (if possible). Sorry you were scared for a bit there though. I seriously dont think Im gonna be able to sleep tonight. Oh well I have some school work that I could be workin on anyways... :-\
  6. chickadeeFishlore VIPMember

    Well, you won't find me telling you not to do schoolwork, but you must take care of yourself. You cannot help Satin if you are down now.

    Yes the Bio-spira will be an INSTANT cycle so he can go in right after you add it as far as I know. The Tank Buddies will not disturb the cycle. If it was a saltwater tank you might worry but not for a freshwater. It really would be better for him to be in the smaller tank even though that may complicate your plans for a peaceful transition later, but we can deal with that when he is well.

    Do try to get some rest and face this again in the morning - I cannot help it I was a Mom! ;)

  7. 0morrokhFishlore VIPMember

    I kind of thought that the tank buddies were stronger. I used them on my Otos, and they worked miracles but in the process turned the water greenish blue and made all the fish drowsy. The Otos especially didn't appreciate the chemicals. But maybe it isn't really that strong, I know that Otos are very sensitive...you know how us fishkeepers tend to overreact to any changes in our fish...and I admit I haven't ever medicated with anything else before. (well, actually I tried Maracyn II for the finrot, and that did absolutely nothing, probably because you're supposed to use them together...) But anyway it sounds as if the Melafix would be better at this point. Try not to panic too much. My Otos recovered from serious cases of finrot so I'm sure your Betta will recover easily from a minor one...if it really is a disease, not just an injury. I hope he gets better soon!
  8. chickadeeFishlore VIPMember

    Well sad to say, I now have a buddy on the finrot treatment. Is there something in the way the sun is shining lately? He hadn't been eating really well and been a little quieter than usual, but I thought we had gotten through the spell without him getting really sick. Marty's fins were a little transparent this morning in a couple of places and the tips on a couple of them looked like a curling iron had been used on them. The ambient room temperature here was lower by several degrees and the heat in the tank was down for some reason. Needless to say I am getting to use my LIFETIME warranty on that heater. I have the quarantine tank set up and going and he hates it but I didn't want to medicate the otos if I didn't have to.

    We will see.

  9. ebbandflowValued MemberMember

    I actually just got the tank buddies... is it gonna be too strong? And I was just reading the box, it says it clears fungus and bacteria. Its not gonna kill my good bacteria is it? And should I go out and buy the melafix? Its funny the guy at the pet store was telling me to get that one but I got the tank buddies instead. What to do? I wont put in anything till I hear back from you gys.
  10. 0morrokhFishlore VIPMember

    It's fine, go ahead and try it. The only reason I got that much of a reaction from my Otos is because they're extremely sensitive to stuff in the water. I think your Betta should be fine. Since you have it there's no reason not to give it a try. And no, it shouldn't affect your filter bacteria at all.
  11. chickadeeFishlore VIPMember

    Omorrokh is right. It is what I am doing right now for my little guy. (Marty) He is in quarantine with a Tank Buddy right now.

    Go ahead and he will be fine. And no they should not hurt the particular bacteria you are trying to grow. It only kills the bad kind.

  12. ebbandflowValued MemberMember

    I probably should have thought about this before but... Ive never moved a fish before. How do I do it?
  13. chickadeeFishlore VIPMember

    Since he already has fin damage, I would remove as much of the decorations as you can from the tank since he is the only one in there. He is going to lead you a merry chase and we don't want him to run into anything and cause more damage. If there were other fish or the tank was planted I would not tell you to do this, but you can put teh things back after he is out of there since there aren't any other fish in there yet. Sorry. Then the best way is with a net. I have had some say they catch fish with their hands, but he is already hurt so we want to be as gentle with the fins as possible. The net will be soft on them. just put the net in the aquarium and get him used to it being there so he won't be so afraid of it being there and when he is settled and used to it, try to get him into it. DO NOT WORRY if you have to chase him. He isn't going to be hurt by the net. It is necessary and he will settle down after he is moved. I know you are very protective of him right now but this falls into the area of "do the best you can to get him into the net with the least amount of hassle" and he will make that IMPOSSIBLE. Just don't let him take any longer than necessary. If you can even get 2 nets and chase him into one with the other one. I know chase sounds bad, but believe me you aren't going to be in total control here. Moving a Betta is an experience, but it is one of those times when you must practice a little tough love and just do the best you can. It has to be done.

    I will try to be here and available online tonight for a while yet so if you run into a problem I will keep checking back for questions. Let me know how it goes. If you have a really good rapport with him you could try to coax him into a jar or some container with some food, but I don't like to use food to make them do something they don't like for fear they will stop eating.

  14. ebbandflowValued MemberMember

    Rose, I honestly dont know how to thank you. You have been so great through this whole thing.
  15. chickadeeFishlore VIPMember

    Well, just you take care of BOTH of you. I would hate to think we saved the Betta and lost the Boy. :D

    I seriously consider this a type of occupation for myself - and a wonderful one at that - and I really enjoy all you folks. It is so EASY to do something you LOVE so much. And I have some wonderful friends in all of you.

    You can thank me by returning the favor to someone else someday. But I am NOT here for thanks, just to be available when I am needed. You all have no idea how much doing this is helping me.

  16. 0morrokhFishlore VIPMember

    :eek: is right!  I'm dreading the day when I have to catch my Otos and move them to the 20g.
    You may want to leave the net sitting in the tank overnight so he can get used to it.  I have had to net fish before, and there is no one way to do it...many say the easiest thing to do is trap him against the glass, but sometimes it may be easier to trap him at the surface.
    The trick is to work slowly and calmly.  If you hold the net in the water, he will be curious and may eventually swim toward it to check it out.  You want to slowly--not fast and frantically--steer him towards the wall of the tank or else the surface.  I think what I usually ended up doing was trapping them at a corner of the tank--the net is to one side and below them, the opposite tank wall was on the other side of them, and the surface is right above.  Then you have to pull the net up quickly.  I hope this made at least a little sense.  HAVE FUN!! ;D

    oops this post is slightly delayed...you both posted again before I could post this, oh well :p
  17. ebbandflowValued MemberMember

    Haha I've been lost for years Rose so don't worry about that one. I'm like fish I guess... I stress easily what can I say. I'm getting better though.

    I actually think I just breathed for the first time in over 24 hours! Catching Satin was waaay easy... he trusts me too much ;D ;D. He came right up to the top and before he knew it he was in the other tank. No chasing or anything! Then I put in the tablet (oooh, green) and added the bio spira to the filter.

    So everything is cool with the ten gallon. I dont think I have to do anything else. I fed Satin a little bit just so he wouldnt hate me. I couldnt resist (god I am going to spoil my kids whenever I have them). If you have any suggestions please tell me.

    Umm... what do I do now with the 29. Do I have to sanitize it in some way before I put Satin back or get other fish in there? I've got all this bio-spira now and nothing to use it on :'(.
  18. ebbandflowValued MemberMember

    OK something else I just noticed (breathing has stopped once again.) He seems to be like changing color. The top front part of his head which used to be black is like red now. And also his lower fins (I forget what they are called) used to have a little red streak in them but now they are more so. What does this mean?
  19. 0morrokhFishlore VIPMember

    Well, it's hard to say without a pic (please post one if you can), but red streaks can be a bacterial infection or internal problems...sorry that was really general, but I'm not quite clear as to what exactly the diseases are...anyway my Oto Mist had red streads/patches along with finrot, and the tank buddies got rid of that too. But with your Betta it could just be coloration.
  20. chickadeeFishlore VIPMember

    Okay, it is time for a story and it even happens to be true. Misty is a little Pineapple colored Female with cellophane and Maroon fins. She has always been totally Pineapple colored, but yesterday I had heart failure over the fact that it looked like she was bleeding from her gills. After I had gone off and changed about 80% of her water (overkill I know) and taken everything out of the tank and checked for sharp areas - all to no avail. Then I took another look at the little girl in question and there they were .... little vein like lines of maroon scales around her gills. She is changing color in some small way. (she just has a few maroon scales here and there) So Bettas can and do have the ability to change some color. Especially if he is a fairly young Betta, he could still be settling into his final color. BUT keep an eye on him now that the medicaiton is being used.

    Yes they turn everything green, but most of that will come out when you put the carbon in to remove the meds when he is well. About the only thing I have that didn't revert to the normal color was the white colored suction cups are now green (a pretty green) -- the clear ones weren't affected. Just watch and don't get too panicky until the meds have had a couple of days at least. Don't expect to see any fin repair for at least a week. He will not be able to have tank mates for at least a month -- you will have to either have a quarantine tank set up or use the 29 for the first batch and then get a quarantine tank so I don't know if you can save the Bio-spira but that may be a use for it. Otherwise, I would do a massive water change (on the 29j) and then use the Bio-spira on it. But don't forget you will have to feed your tank or you will lose your bacteria in the 29 now that you no longer have a fish in it. Check out the article on Fishless Cycling at:


    I know your tank was cycled but if there is not a fish in there producing ammonia, your bacteria will die. You can also get some plain (unperfumed) Ammonia in the cleaning products aisle of the supermarket and add it according to the instructions in the above article. It will not work for the fish (frozen from the store) to be put in the tank to feed your tank. It will mean starting the cycle all over again. Actually the only real way is to use the Ammonia because the fish food will not be able to keep up until it starts to rot.

    Let me know how things are going. I will be here in the morning for a little while and would like to know how he is doing.

    Take care and don't GET LOST. LOL I am encouraged that you still have your sense of humor. ;)

    Have a good day,

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