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    just purchased my figure 8 puffer fish yesterday, im so pleased with it. Im sure i did everything correct cause as i see others have difficult time feeding one. my ate after a good 3 mins of the food swimming around him. after that it was eating non-stop. anyways this morning it started to rain heavy, loud thunders and it seem to have my light dim on and off. im worried that when im at work that my tank will power off and kill my puffer. i hope not. anyone ever use a generator for there tank? wondering if its a good investment or should i just hope i never have a power outage.
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    Why not get a battery powered air pump and a sponge filter? It would help with keeping the filtration going if power is out.

    I've only seen a generator used when you're talking about a very large (6' or more) reef tank with thousands of dollars of coral.
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    good point there to both of you. i currentyl dont have anything that expensive, yet... but baterry does sounds more affordable. ill look into that. thanks