Oh dear, my fish is at it again, Will I ever get it WELL?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by chickadee, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. chickadee

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    Hello AGAIN -

    I have had what I thought was a lazy fish for a couple of days. Now this morning I get up to feed him and he looks like he is about 12 months pregnant on one side! his side is so swollen his scales are seperated. I feel so sorry for him. He tried to eat but it all just came right back up. I am afraid he has a bowel blockage and I do not know what can be done He just wants to lay around on his java moss and huddle there. I keep thinking if I keep him active it will be better for him, but I don't want to be mean and knock on the glass if he should be resting. Now I get downright UPSET IN BIG WAYS when I think I have done something dumb and hurt my little friends, but I am afraid this may be the case here. He was so sick after the high nitrites and then he had a day when his ammonia level was 4.0 and took three days for it to come down. He wouldn't eat at all then when he started to eat he ate like a piglet personified.

    Any help you can send will be appreciated a LOT!!


    Rose & a very blue :'( Azul
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    the swollen stomach and scale thing sounds like dropsy to me...hmm though it could also be constipation... is it Azul or Noel that's sick?
    Poor betta... :'(
  3. OP

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    Hi Emma-

    It's Azul. He doesn't have his scales sticking out or I would say dropsy too, but I am leaning toward constipation. Just wish there was such a thing as a MOM for fishies. :'(