Off To The Build! Continued Guidance!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by Scherf, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. ScherfValued MemberMember

    So here is where i am currently at with my build:
    Beginner Tank Setup Guidance Needed.

    Tank is In position, floor supported, sump in the mail and will arrive Tuesday, gravel should be here by Thursday.

    So I figured it was time to move out of the beginner section and start up in the build section now that I have enough sound advice, information, and some actual direction as to how things should be and so on...

    Currently I am just waiting on the mail so I can do a cleaning run of 1:25 of ammonia to water to clean the tank really well. A recap for those who haven’t seen the other thread I have going, I have a 150g tank that was salt water before I got it and I will be doing fresh water in it, so I need to get a lot of the salt residue and growth out of it before cycling the tank.

    More to post once everything comes in!

  2. max hWell Known MemberMember

    White vinegar and water will take care of most of the problem.

  3. ScherfValued MemberMember

    Vinegar, ammonia, it all will work as long as it not a chemical lol

  4. max hWell Known MemberMember

    i'd would do vinegar over ammonia, just because of the fumes.
  5. ScherfValued MemberMember

    Oh darn true story lol never thought about that, fumes don’t bother me, but the gf would lose her mind lol
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  6. AddictiveNew MemberMember

    What did you end up doing for your gravel? I ended up geting 250lbs of gravel from lowes for like $13, took awhile to clean but better than spending hundreds on "aquarium gravel" that isn't even more suited for plants.
  7. max hWell Known MemberMember

    Now that would put you in the dog house
  8. max hWell Known MemberMember

    PFS or BDBS work good for a planted tank
  9. ScherfValued MemberMember

    soo i found a bulk distributor and i spent 140 on the gravel shipped to my door. yes it was high but the GF wanted green sooo here we are.....

    funny thing is i like to keep my hands busy in what free time i do have so this past winter i built a very nice snake rack and wanted to stain it.... long story short i stained in the house because it was too cold for it to dry in the garage... stunk up the house BAD, she was furious and stayed at there mothers for a week and i stayed at the house and slept with a respirator on for a week LMFO, i guess gas mask drills in the military paid off LOL
  10. max hWell Known MemberMember

    I love Florida winter means I have to put on long pants for a couple of weeks out of the year. If I go to the woods I have plenty of BDU's still and they didn't cost me a penny.
  11. ScherfValued MemberMember

    Ya I wish I had enough bdu’s to do that, and yes I want back to warm weather year around lol
  12. max hWell Known MemberMember

    I think the Marines bought me about 10 or 12 sets over the years, and then the Navy supplied me about the same amount of flight suits and flight deck gear.
  13. ScherfValued MemberMember

    I have flight deck gear out of the gills, but they would never give us new bdu’s, uniform allowance was what we were suppose to use to get new ones
  14. max hWell Known MemberMember

    For us HM's that where FMF if you where away from the Marines for over 3 years and returned they gave you a whole new issue of Cami's and Marine reg uniforms if you went Marine reg. I highly recommend Marine Reg to the younger guys, somehow the women love those uniforms.
  15. ScherfValued MemberMember

    I was an AD for 6 years before getting out, and my last duty stations was with Marines.... wouldn’t ever recommend getting stationed with them to anyone....
  16. max hWell Known MemberMember

    The Marines are great to be stationed with as a Corpsmen, I did 3 years at Mag-24.
  17. ScherfValued MemberMember

    No flippin way!! I was at MAL-24 on Kay bay. 2014-2016 lol loved Hawaii, hated marine mentality ( meaning the GOB club)
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  18. ScherfValued MemberMember

    Sorry for language y’all.....
  19. max hWell Known MemberMember

    I was the Aeromedical Safety Corpsmen at HQ from 2000-2003. Yes and the Marines can be different, then again MALS was a very unique situation as it was, being one of the only combined I level maintenance operations in the Navy.
  20. ScherfValued MemberMember

    Ya that’s true but I don’t think it helped I told them “I wasn’t a marine so stop treating me like one”. The navy in the command didn’t have a spine to them when it came to there sailors.

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