Odor & algae?

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    I am new here, so I'll introduce myself. I'm Jeremy, but please call me Panoply or Pan here, a 40 year old man in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From the ages (approximately) 20-25 I kept a 20 gallon freshwater aquarium. I stopped using it when I moved, giving my fish to a local retailer.

    I set up a 10 gallon aquarium 5 days ago and have some problems. First, thre is an unpleasant odor. I don't know what's causing it, but I have yet to get a snail (ordred one online and it has yet to arrive) and perhaps that's the problem? I also have a pale tan mucus-y looking stuff at the bottom of my aquarium. I have never seen anything like it! I didn't move far. I graduated LSU - when I had my 20 gallon - and moved perhaps 2-3 miles from where I used to live. So the water is the same. The aquarium gets more sunlight than I'd like, but could it be that simple?

    I ordered and received a siphon gravel cleaner - but it is absolute JUNK! I could buy another, but don't know if that will help. It'll likely work temporarily, but I ned to get at the cause.

    The only think different in this new aquarium is that I've included real sea shells collected along the Gulf of mexico. I of course thoroughly washed them.

    I have an Aqueon pump and an aerator whose brand name I've forgotten. They work fine. What else? The fish? I have one Dwarf Gourami, 3 platies, one 'Creamcicle' Molly and an albino catfish for my garbageman. I intend to add 1 silver OR black Molly (I had 2 creacicles but one died). The yet to arrive snail is a Blue Mystery Snail (Pomacea bridgesii).

    PLEASE HELP! I've never had these problems! My algae in the past was greenish.

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    Do you have a test kit or can you get your water tested at your LPS? The problem is almost certainly due to how overstocked your tank is. Mollies produce a lot of waste and grow too big for a 10 gallon. I'm afraid though that none of your fish belongs in a tank this size.

    Since it's only been set up for a few days I'm guessing that the tank isn't cycled yet either. Do you have a water conditioner? I would be doing daily water changes of at least 50% until you can regime your fish or get a bigger tank. I would suggest 30 gallon minimum.

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome! You've found yourself a great community!

    Could it possibly be diatoms (brown algae)?
    I'm not familiar with something that's tan and mucus-like unless it's driftwood, but if you post a picture, someone might be able to recognize what it is.

    Also, do you have your ammonia, nitrite, nitrate levels? Algae appears due to imbalances whether in chemistry or lighting. Although it doesn't sound like algae, it could be an issue with water chemistry.