Odessa Barb - maximum typical size in aquarium?


HI guys/gals, depending what website I read - I'm seeing anywhere from 2-3", but even upwards of 4", for the Odessa Barb.

Is that possible they could hit 4"?

If so, I'm a little future concerned about the 10 I have in a 38G. Most are ~ 1", maybe 1.25" for a couple.
They share their home with 2 ~1.5" Bristlenose Plecos (I will likely part with one eventually).
There's also a 3" Kribensis there, the jury is out whether or not he/she will stay there - depends on its behavior.

Considering there's a boxing day sale going on at one of my local fish stores, I was thinking about adding ~ 2-3 more. Do you think that's pushing it?

Filtration - 2 x hob (Aquaclear 50 + Whisper 40), Water change - 25% per week.


Mine grew to about 2.5 inches. Black ruby, tiger and Odessa barbs for me are all similar size

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