Odessa Barb Lost Both Eyes


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I have an 80 litre tank which I have had for over a year, it has a filter and a heater, the tank is at 26°c, I have 5 Odessa barbs, 3 bloated mollies and 5 shrimp. We do weekly water changes of about 30%-40%. The tank is cycled, we have the test tubes to test the water parameters and they are all where they need to be, Nitrate: 0 Nitrite:0 Ammonia:0 ph:7.

I have 5 Odessa barbs and about 5 days ago one of them began to get swollen eyes, the eyes weren't too swollen so I put a bit of pop eye treatment in. Its eyes didn't seem to get worse if anything they looked better but this morning I have woken up to my poor fish swimming around with no eyes. Both eyes have gone, I'm not sure if they fell out or if the other barbs have plucked his eyes out. I just need some advice really, what has gone wrong and will my fish end up dying with no eyes?


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Welcome to fishlore albeit under stressful circumstances
With no eyes the humane thing to do is euthanize that fish as it will be so stressed it will not survive, why it got pop eye I don't know but in the fish world if one is very ill or dying its natural for the others to finish it off, I would say the others attacked and removed the eyes

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