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Been looking into these some, but finding very contradicting info. For starters, how big do they get? I've seen everything from 1.5 to 3 inches. Second, what size tank should they be in? Third, what kind of gender ratio?


In every species, you should have more females ten males. About two females to a male.

The oddessa barbs I had got to e about 2.5 inches. I had 10 of them in a 55g.

A single school of 6 Odessa’s should be in no less then a 30g. Some places with say 20 gallon but for such active fish, I think this is too small. They are fast swimmers so bigger the better.
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So a 40 breeder with 8-10 corys, 3-4 bolivian rams, 1-2 bristlenose plecos, possibly 1 electric blue acara, and maybe a group of 4 of some other small fish wouldn't be a go?


I have a 55 gallon with a school of 30 adolescent (almost adult) Odessa barbs. Quite a sight as they stream as a school from one end to the other. I cannot think that a smaller tank would show off their nonstop cruising.

They are very alert, fast, and watch for me to come down the hall, crowding the end of the tank to be fed. These are very entertaining fish. No issues with fighting nor fin nipping among my crowd. They share the tank with a small plec and 5 adult, long fin, neon rosy barbs with no problem. The rosy barbs have generated over 200 fry this summer as I remove a pair every week or two to lay eggs in another tank. Returning them after they calm down.

The Odessa's and Long fin Rosie Barbs make for a very colorful and active tank.

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