Odd Stuff On Aquarium Window

  1. xapoc

    xapoc Valued Member Member

    What is this sorcery?

    snail eggs?

    Do I need to kill it with fire?

    2.PNG 3.PNG 1.PNG
  2. VioletSS

    VioletSS Valued Member Member

    Make a teeny, tiny little omelet.
  3. Shadowcatprime

    Shadowcatprime New Member Member

    Looks like snail eggs, perhaps pond snail, I have them going nuts in my tank, someone else can confirm that it isn't any kind of fish.

  4. FishFish221

    FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    Its looks most like the eggs of bladder snails, but could also be ramshorn or pond snail eggs. I have tons of it in my tank.
  5. OP

    xapoc Valued Member Member

    The only snail I have is one on the picture they are sort of common invasive snails? I was going to buy some nerite or assassin snails at some point but nothing else.
    But yeah I need to get rid of it. I hope one of my fish will eat it :)
  6. sfsamm

    sfsamm Well Known Member Member

    Just saying, I loved the way you ask your question lol

    And yes you have ramshorn snails, assassins will rectify the situation (takes a bit of time) and they would love the opportunity to do so for you too! Don't get nerite if you plan on assassins. My first assassin immediately tried to kill a golf ball size mystery snail and within an hour of removing the mystery snail was going after a nerite....
  7. n

    niklev Valued Member Member

    Definitely snail eggs, although when I put new plants in they go behind the heater and filter and on the underside of plant leaves
  8. s

    smee82 Fishlore VIP Member

    Yourb1st clutch of snail egg, theres probably more you havent seen.
  9. sweendog87

    sweendog87 Valued Member Member

    Be carefully they get out of hand pretty quickly
  10. ark_fish

    ark_fish Valued Member Member

    it'll be fine. I have a few snails in my tank and they are for the most part nice little dudes. They help eat uneaten food at the bottom and their population fluctuates every now and then but have never caused any damage or gotten to the point where I need to do something. Have fun with the snail babies.
  11. iamclaire

    iamclaire Valued Member Member

    Snail eggs! If you have loaches or a pea puffer let them grow into tasty snacks for your fish!
  12. OP

    xapoc Valued Member Member

    I only got 2 kuhli loaches, since I let them in to the tank I didnt see them since.

    This week I will be replacing my blue gravel out with pool filter sand and replanting stuff. That should decimate their pop. in case the tiney ones are hiding in plane sight. Also going to introduce few assasin snails today
    /evil grin