odd rummy nose behavior - stressed or sick? Help

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    So...this is my third post about rummies, so I apologize. I haven't found a similar thread on this behavior and I'm concerned because the last time this happened, they developed what looked like columnaris and soon died.

    Just background: I did not quarantine the rummies when I introduced them a couple weeks ago. I lost one to whirling disease and a couple more to what looked like columnaris. The columnaris ones died within 24 hours of coming down with symptoms (white cottony stuff by the fins). When I thought I saw ich on one of the remaining ones a few days later, I bumped the temp to 84. It's now been about a week into that. They lost coloring with the heat, then later regained it. See

    Yesterday I did a 25% water change in my 29g. All five went pale and lost their red noses, which I thought was just stress from the gravel vac/water back in. Two of them since this morning have been acting weird, swimming (or not swimming) around like they've de-synced from the rest of the group. One of them earlier was going back and forth across the tank like he was schooling with an invisible school. The other was just floating along the sandbed with rapid gill movement (looks like fast chewing). The rummies are normally very skittish when I come near the tank, but these two are not responding to me coming to the glass or even tapping on it. It's like watching fish zombies. No signs of disease (yet), no spots or cotton or anything.

    The remaining three are schooling together but acting more scared than usual, often hiding under some leaves in the back of the tank.

    So I just want to know what's wrong and what I can do. Is it stress only, or a larger indicator of disease (or a certain disease) brought on by stress? I'm also very concerned because if it IS columnaris, the high temp from the ich treatment is going to spread it fast.

    Any help would be appreciated. I'm worried they're going to die off quickly like before. :(


    Edit: added pic and video.
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    Well, I had problems finding him when I got home from class (gone for about 7-8 hours) and then I found him floating upside down in a corner. He's got white fuzz on him, as you can see in the pic. The fuzzy thing next to him is a piece of broken up dead plant, same white fuzz. Nothing else has the fuzz.

    He's really yellow because, well, he's really yellow. Pretty sure he's a false rummy nose. I have four left now; three false and one true (the true one is white, no yellow tinge). They're skittish (dwindling numbers :() but schooling otherwise normally.

    My only guess is that my water change yesterday stressed my rummies, and one of them developed an opportunistic bacterial infection which was then sped up even further by the warm temp. :(

    Edit: I stressed out another one by moving around some decor...not the smartest thing I've ever done. I wanted to re-tie some plants onto the two pieces of driftwood. After I put things back in and turned on the lights to check, I noticed only 3 of the rummies were schooling. And lo and behold, one's gone all crazy again like the one in the video. If he's still alive tomorrow when my shipment from Foster and Smith comes in, I'll dip him in methylene blue and see if that helps any. Don't know if he'll last that long though.

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    Any updates regarding your fish?
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    Nothing that great to report. All but one rummynose died. Water parameters have been fine as always. It's a lonely 29g tank right now though. It just has the rummynose, a flame gourami, a GBR, and 2 sterba cories. I wasn't expecting the rummynose to make it on his own for all this time, but he looks like a fighter. I was going to pick up some friends in a week or two. Unfortunately I don't have a free Q tank any larger than 5 gallons though, so I'm not too sure what to do about that.