Odd "growth" On S&p

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    IMG_2710.JPG IMG_2710.JPG Hopefully I am posting in the right place. I noticed an odd growth or attachment on one of our salt and pepper cory fish today. Any idea what this is?! We have 3 balloon belly mollies, 2 cory fish and 1 nerite snail in our 10 gallon tank.
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    I'm sorry it took so long to thank you for your reply! Two kids keep the house busy. I didn't have any luck finding Dimilin X aside from a giant jug so I went with a product called KnockOut Plus by Airmax Inc. via Amazon. In our 10 gallon tank we dosed 1/2 fl. oz. for 7 days and removed the parasite with tweezers. Those are definitely crustaceans! It was crispy, crunchy to grab and pull. My husband had a hard time helping with the procedure, No sign of any more anchor worms on the other fish and I think it's safe to say the product we used is very safe for aquarium use despite being formulated for ponds. One of our balloon mollies had 14 fry right after we started dosing and all have survived! Thanks again.

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  4. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    Btw it is a Peppered Cory and not a Salt and Pepper Cory !!! Glad the anchorworms are gone.
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    So glad your fish are doing well!! :D
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    No one has noticed that this tank is way over stocked? You cannot keep 2 cory in a 10g, for starters cory need a group of 6+, secondly cory would need 20gL+, I believe that only Pygmy Cory can live in a 10g, and the mollies are too over stock in a 10g, unless you keep on your cleanings, I would say about almost 35% a week. Either rehome the cory, or get a bigger tank. What temperature are you keeping it at?
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    Agreed! My brain was thinking of their names. My son named one Salt and the other Pepper so I mistakenly call them S&P cory.
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    The two Cory fish appear healthy and content and oddly we often find them swimming up and down the tank depth with the dalmation balloon molly. One of our mollies was gifted to a friend's son who recently moved and is dealing with a big change with parents separating so he has enjoyed his new roommate and responsibility to keep his mind in the positive. Once the fry have matured one or two will join the other one who was rehomed and the remainder will go to my son's new school in the fall or other responsible home. Routine cleanings are part of the responsibility of owning a tank and this was discussed prior to the commitment of the tank. We find it has been a great way to establish a maintenance routine and teach about the importance of environmental cleanliness. Testing water parameters is always a great science lesson as well. Since the Cory are more sensitive to higher temps and the mollies are a bit heartier we aim to keep the temp around 72. We find small once a day feeds and the occasional skip of a day to keep the bio-load of 4 fish of ~1" each in the 10 gallons rather manageable and safe.
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    That is not oddly, but that's cause they are with too less of their own species.
    Of all my Corys my Peppers seem to be the most social, chilling together and even touching each other now and then. So "content" isn't the right word to be honest.

    You'll be amazed how they behave in a bigger group !!