Odd Dwarf Neon Rainbow Fish Symptoms

Andrew waterson

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One of my dwarf neon rainbow fish had some odd symptoms.
He's turned a much darker colour and isn't joining the shoal (he's a male with 5 others, 3 are female).
He seems to be breathing a bit faster with more prominent mouth movement, it looks like his jaw may be misshapen/damaged/deformed (I've been looking at these guys far to closely!!)

He's staying in a few spots (not at the surface) looks to be hiding from the other males, who seem to be bulling him.
He's swimming fine when needed, but not normal behaviour.

This has been going on for over 2 weeks, but he's not developed any obvious signs of illness (fungus, white spots, sores ... Etc) other than his odd shaped head and colour.

The tank did have a mini cycle about a month ago after treating for white fungus on a Cory.
But other than that the tank hasn't changed.

It's a 160 l community tank, hard water.
All the parameters look to be normal (I have high is nitrate out of the tap at 30ppm).
Tanks about a year old, the rainbow fish have been in since the beginning with no losses.

Any suggestions welcome, unfortunately I don't have a hospital tank.
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