Ocean free brand?

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  1. ILikeFishies

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    Not exactly sure where to post this question, so..im sorry in advance if its in the wrong place :eek:.

    I was just wondering, what do you guys think of the brand 'Ocean Free' . I see it in majority of the shops i've been to and they are super cheap :O!. Even the anti chlorine and medications. It is only rm1($0.30) for 240ml of anti chlorine o.o. While i see other brands such as API, nutrafin, tetra*something* are about 10x more expensive, they would be at ($3)rm15+ for a bottle( if im not mistaken) roughly about the same size as the ocean free anti chlorine :eek:.

    thoughts and suggestions?
  2. bankruptjojo

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    i will only use seachem prime as water conditioner. or the powder version seachem safe. its much better then anything else out there. it does way more then most water conditioners.

    that being said if all you want is to remove chlorine then that stuff should work. but i have never actually used that brand before.
  3. OP

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    i actually bought their anti chlorine and i've been using it for a few weeks, i used the correct amount of dose everytime i do a water change and when i've tested my water , there were no problems, it was the usual o.o. Before when i first started out i remember randomly buying any anti chlorine, but that bottle has finished quite awhile ago so i don't remember the brand =/