Ocean/beach Driftwood In A Freshwater Tank

  1. Blethly

    Blethly Valued Member Member

    I have a freshwater tank and I would like to add a piece of driftwood I picked up at the beach today. What, if any, process can I use to make it safe for my freshwater tank? My plan is to boil it and soak it for several days minimum. Is there anything else I can do? Thank you!
  2. sunnycal

    sunnycal Well Known Member Member

    Hi. I was going to suggest to boil it also but to let it dry out for several days. Hopefully that will all be enough. Finding something like that at the beach kind of scares me because of the "what if it carries nasties/parasites and putting it into a healthy aquarium but you'd think boiling would kill everything with the added drying out the driftwood for several day, a week is even better to dry it out.
  3. sloughdog

    sloughdog Well Known Member Member

    I use nothing but driftwood and rocks that I scavenge myself and never had any problems. Boiling it and then letting it dry out will be enough to prep it for your tank. Even the stuff you buy comes from nature (if it’s natural :))and needs prepped just the same.