Occelaris Black Spots? Anemone Scar?


My Occelaris Clownfish has a bunch of flat black spots (not raised). It has been lethargic before, but that was because of high nitrates. It's fine right now, but recently it got some black spots. I researched black ich, but ich is usually raised. These spots look like they're on the scales. I also heard it might be anemone or coral sting damage. I do have some aiptasia in my tank and there is some zoanthids. My clown doesn't host them, however. Maybe the fish just brushes up against them at night and gets spots? The spots also tend to be on the fins, close the the gills, which worries me that this will be parasites. I'm planning on rehoming the fish soon, so I don't want to start an outbreak at the local lfs.

What do you think? Is this ich or is it just bruises? If it is parasites, what can I do to stop it?

No photos because the fish is camera-shy.
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Hi, I know it’s really tricky to get pics but it really would help members to see what you’re describing.
A short video might be easier to get, if you manage it then to post it here you first need to upload somewhere like YouTube then share the link here.
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My clownfish has done this before, but just in the past few minutes it has been doing it more. What it would do is go to it's favorite corner in the tank (near the filter) and stay still and move its fins very slowly, then go back to normal for a little while before acting lethargic again. Do your other clowns do this? The clown also has black spots on it, which are concentrated mainly to its pectoral fins. The spots don't appear to be raised and seem to be disappearing. Are they coral stings or something more sinister?

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