1. Isabella

    Isabella Fishlore VIP Member

    I have read about painted fish but never saw them before ... until today :( Yes, they had them in my LFS today :( I had tears in my eyes when I looked at these poor things because, immediately, the infomation about how they are dyed came to my mind. As I was looking at them, a girl who worked at the store asked if I needed any help, and I replied "No, thank you" but I really wanted to say "No, but I bet you'd like to find out how the fish you're selling are dyed." However, I refrained myself since she probably had nothing to do with ordering these fish. So now I know my LFS does not have a good owner, since no one that cares about fish would order dyed fish. What a shame. I felt sorry for them also because about 80% of them will die as a result of what has been done to them - so I was basically looking at dead fish. What did they do to deserve all this? Once again, humans are CRUEL, no doubt about that one.

    They had a couple of dyed fish varieties (of course the traditional glassfish among them), and one of them were Tiger Barbs! You have no idea how unnatural they looked. Pink or green Tiger Barbs - imagine that. I was outraged seeing tiger barbs like this. They are such beautiful fish naturally - why would anyone on Earth want to dye them? I am so angry and disappointed :( Seeing fish in fluorescent pink, green, violet, and orange colors looks DISGUSTING, not beautiful. It does not look natural at all. It looks terrible. And most importantly - fish suffer. This is SICK :'(

    As if all this wasn't enough, I noticed in the furthermost corner of the store about a 20G tank with ... 2 Oscars in it, about 10" long each. Yes, 2 Oscars in a 20G tank! If you saw their faces, believe me, you'd cry. I could see the suffering in their eyes. And people may laugh at what I say, but I am telling you that you can tell if a fish is unhappy by its face. They were so listless and unresponsive. They hardly moved. They had no colors - they were gray. I don't think they'll live. Oscars by nature are very sociable and they require at least 50 gallons of water per one Oscar. I cannot imagine what they must be feeling like in this prison. I hope someone buys them soon. Otherwise I know they'll die.

    This is enough for this post. :'(
  2. Marc

    Marc Well Known Member Member

    Yes, that sort of thing is exactly why I hate my LFS. Not only do they sell painted fish (fortunately only the parrots), they keep greatly overcrowded and dirty tanks, with something similiar to the 2 oscars in a 20gal - though it was 2 oscars and a few other assorted fish in a 30gal.

    It's really sad.
  3. atmmachine816

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    o i know how you feel i feel so bad for those fish i have talked to some people working at the petstores by me and they know what happens and they dont like it but they dont order the fish i feel so bad for those poor fish too :mad:
  4. n

    newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    oh isabella i know how you feel--my lfs has painted glassfish too, its so sad :'(
    and walmart has like 5 (4 inch) in a little (what 5 gallon?) display tank and the info label says "tank size: 10 gallons" or somthing like that, 15? its sick :mad:
  5. M

    Maida_gc Valued Member Member

    After some hard looking and searching - and a little driving from place to place (visited 5 or 6 stores) I found 2 places that are excellent, and 1 in particular that will retain my business. The owner knows whats going on, and although does his best with over crowding etc. (it is a business afterall) seems to really care about his fish and his business - and most importantly his customers. The key is to educate others with websites like this - Isabella, if possible, no longer give this LFS your business and feel free to let them know why. Sooner or later the stores where the added touch of care and respect will prosper. If it is not possible, voicing your displeasure with a manager could atleast put your mind at ease. Good luck.
  6. OP

    Isabella Fishlore VIP Member

    Maida, if I didn't have to drive quite a long way to a fish store that is ethical, I would have stopped going to my LFS long ago. The reason I go there is that it's very close to where I live and it's convenient when I need something really quickly. If my fish ever get sick, this is where I will be able to get a medication quickly. It takes me about 10 minutes to walk there. However, you're right nevertheless. Next time when I need to make an expensive aquatic purchase (ex. some expensive tank or filter, etc), I'll make sure my LFS won't be the one to profit from it. What I am buying there right now is merely fish food which is relatively cheap - so they're not making a lot of money off me. I am considering telling them what I think about their selling painted fish. I may "nicely" tell them next time I shop there.
  7. M

    Maida_gc Valued Member Member

    I forget how spoiled I am sometimes with a few different LFS options in Toronto. But it sounds like you're taking a good approach to it. Best of luck - chat soon.