O.K. Not an "incredible journey", but still impressive. Funny

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    My nerite snails in the 10G quarantine tank had done such a good job on algae buildup that I moved one guy ( old "Cracked Shell", himself) over to the 3G betta tank that was getting green-walled after a new light addition.

    The snail wasn't thrilled with the higher temperature or the constantly flaring betta, but, the way I figure it, the last straw was the Garlic Guard marinade on the betta pellets. It must be hard-wired in snails by now to connect the dots: hot water + garlic + snail equals French Restaurant and Escargot.

    The snail left the tank shortly after a betta feeding, and he must have had his track shoes on, because a few minutes later he was nowhere to be found. I checked the tank, the walls, the floor, the counter the tank rests on, and the snail had simply disappeared into thin air. I finally decided he must have vanished under the washer or dryer, with a possible assist from a cat playing "snail hockey".

    Then I walked ten feet down to the other end of the work counter and looked at the quarantine tank. There was "Cracked Shell" happily munching on an algae tab with his friends.

    This was last week. Yesterday I finally moved Inigo (the betta) into a new 10G. I cleaned the old, smaller tank, and removed the algae by hand. Old "Cracked Shell" can live out his days in the QT with his buds.
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    Hahahaha that is awesome!!! Although I couldn't have those snails cause I hate non aquatic snails lol.