NW UK Fish Convention

Discussion in 'Europe Aquarium Clubs' started by Coradee, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. CoradeeModeratorModerator Member

    Anyone in the north west UK here?
    This convention is definitely worth going to, they're a friendly group & will make you most welcome.
    One of the speakers Ian Fuller is a cory specialist who has just come back from a collecting trip in Peru where he's found a couple of new species so that should be a very interesting talk for cory lovers.
    The auction afterwards if it's like previous auctions I've been to will have lots of fish you don't often see at really good prices so if you go take plenty of cash, if you need insulated boxes they'll sell those too.
    Details are on the flyer

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  2. Gabriel33New MemberMember

    I am not from north west UK but I have been visited this fish convention. It is a nice place to get information about different species of fishes. You can also buy and see a lot of fishes there that you never seen anywhere in the world.

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