Nuvo 14 Add A Small Canister?


Should I add a small canister filter to my nuvo fusion 14 like a fluval 107 for extra filtration or just work with the built in sump only? Water is super clear I change floss every 2 days or once a week with light feedings if I added a small canister would it be over kill?


I would say no. No such thing as too much filtration. I am unsure of how a canister would function in a saltwater tank as far as excess protien or anything tho. Just watch the flow rate and make sure it isn't too high for the fish since it is such a small tank tho.


From what I’ve read around the saltwater threads that canisters are nitrate factories. Hob would be the way to if you want added filtration. I’m sure someone will chime in with more info. Great looking tank!!

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