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I have been using for the last 4 weeks + the API test kit.
I have been getting a reading of between 0.25 up to 1.0 on my Ammonia readings.

This morning I did another test of my stats and the Ammonia reading came out as 1.0

So I decided to go to my local Garden centre,which is very well known and keep some wonderful fish with very clean and maintained tanks, to have my water tested.

They used a test kit called Nutrafin to check my stats.

Readings are as follows

Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
PH 7.5
Nitrate 0

When using my API kit readings are as follows

Ammonia 1.0
PH 7.5
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 0

The only difference as I can see is the Ammonia levels using the Nutrafin kit.

Has anybody used one of these Nutrafin test kits,and how reliable are they?

My main concern is that I am having a very high reading of Ammonia using the API kit and a reading of 0 Ammonia with the Nutrafin kit.

Should I not be getting any Nitrite readings by now also.?

Which one should I trust to get accurate readings?


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Trapper Creek, Alaska
I have never used a Nutrafin test, I use API and have been satisfied that my kit does a good job. Be sure to shake the #2 bottle of Nitrate solution just like they say, thump it hard on something solid, then shake for a minute before you add it to your test tube.

Now I feel sure you do have ammonia. It will be toxic to your fish. So to get the bacteria you need to introduce some. It happens slowly by itself, or you can buy a culture from the LFS. I have only used Stress Zyme, and Cycle, there is one talked about here Bio-Sphere ?? I believe that others have said is really good. The other thing you can do is get some filter material or gravel from an established cycling tank and put it in yours.....(with all the associated problems you could also be adding). That is why I get the bacteria from the store. You have the ammonia for the bacteria to eat, so when you add it the water will turn cloudy, "bloom", this will take several days to clear. Don't worry it will all by itself, don't add chemicals as this just slows what you want to be happening.

Keep testing your tank daily, if the Ammonia continues to be 1 or above continue to do 50% water changes. The more you have to change out the water, the slower the cycling process goes. One fine day you will wake up the cloudiness will be gone, and when you test your tank it will be 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and 2-5
nitrates. You are done! Then and only then can you add more fish. SLOWLY, so your tank can catch up with each addition. Hang in there, best of luck.

Fish in the Frozen North.

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