Nurse tetra's

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    Just got back from the pet store with some nurse tetra's. Never heard of these before, anyone have any info on these tetra's?
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    Nurse Tetras

    A nurse tetra is an African characin and it is actually quite hardy. They normally live in the streams and rivers and rainforests in Africa., They have gotten used to that type of environment so they like water that is clean (not stagnet) moving and heavily oxygenated. They can stand a broad chemistry range and Ph range as long as the water is WELL filtered. Try to avoid super hard water. They should be kept in groups of 6 or more of equal number male and female to avoid bullying. The one thing everyone knows, or should know, about tetras is that they are fin nippers and will nip away at fins until they are gone. They just can't resist. I hope this little bit of information helps. They are generally pretty easy to take care of as long as the water is not to warm and it is well filtered, moving water.:;nin2