Now Parasites?

  1. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    My poor poor fish!

    This guy is super skinny and obviously dying now :'( I lost one overnight as well.

    What is going on?! What do I need to order?

    Please help.

    I'm not good with pictures so here's a video.

  2. Caitlin86 Well Known Member Member

    My daughter noticed Peppa Pig in the background LOL. Can we get parameters? Praziquantel is what I use for internal is nitrogen cycle safe and wont harm inverts.

  3. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    Actually he looks well. He seems healthy. What's the water parameters? Usually when you get new fish they are a little skinny. Have you seen any worm sticking out? or white poop? (usually indicates there are parasites)
  4. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    Yes, my daughter is obsessed with peppa. Haha!

    The water is all over the place :( I only tested ammonia right now because I have been run ragged with a kitchen reno that seems never ending. Ammonia was 2 ppm this afternoon. Did a huge water change and gravel vacuum and now it is 0.5 ppm.

    Background on the issues I'm dealing with... :'(

    Power was out 12 hours Wednesday. Right when we left to go out of town. My mom checked the fish when the power came back and said everyone was fine. Got home Friday evening. The tiny pleco was dead. Everyone seemed fine so I stupidly didn't test the water. Then this morning I found a dead tetra and this one on the way out :'( Found ich yesterday and have been raising the temp. It is 85 F now.

    Ammonia 0.5 ppm (another water change tomorrow)
    Nitrates? (will check these in a few minutes)
    pH 6.0

    I added about double the amount of prime with this water change

    Live plants (no rotting leaves)

    1 angelfish, 8 diamond tetras, 1 kuhli loach

    60 gallon tank

    I don't know what else to say.

    I did a 50% water change Tuesday before the power went (unplanned outage) but didn't get a chance to clean out the filter. Dumped the bio balls into the tank on Wednesday hoping to save some bb. I also have a sponge filter rated for 50 gallons in the tank. I cleaned the filter today, washing everything with tank water. I also added a bubble wall to help with aeration with the temp raised.

    The diamond tetras were in the tank with the pleco since the end of May. The angelfish and loach since the end of June.

    He's most definitely not healthy :'( He's having trouble swimming and floating around a lot.

    Edited to add I haven't seen worms or clear poop.

    Is there anything else I can do?

  5. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    double dosing prime to the tank does nothing sadly. Just add prime once a day everyday to keep the toxic nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia down. Floating around meaning like floating upside down? sounds like swim bladder disease. Is your tank cycled?
  6. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    It was cycled. Until the power outage. :( It was cycled since February. I fed an empty tank until I finally got some fish in May.

    I'll try to get another video of him (her, actually, I think)
  7. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    Oh dang. water changes, prime, and pristine water will get your fish through the cycle.

  8. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    Ok, got a few videos. Hopefully you will see what I mean.

    Ammonia 0.5 (like greener in the picture)
    Nitrites 0
    Nitrates about 10
    pH 6

    I also added some of the fluval bb. It's not tetra safe start, you can't get that in Canada, but it is the same thing.


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  9. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    Ok, got a few videos. Hopefully you will see what I mean.

    Ammonia 0.5 (looks greener in the picture)
    Nitrites 0
    Nitrates about 10
    pH 6

    I also added some of the fluval bb. It's not tetra safe start, you can't get that in Canada, but it is the same thing.

  10. AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

    I think the issue is the ammonia. I don't see anything I would deem a parasite. Losing your cycle will kill fish. Sorry to say.

    Ok so with the Fluval bacteria, is there a warning about using Prime with it? Because with Tetra Safe Start you have to wait 24 hours in between adding Prime and adding TSS. It's how the bacteria is housed in the bottle that is the issue. If the Fluval bacteria is more like Stability or other types of bottled bacteria, you should be fine.

    I would test daily. Make sure your Ammonia doesn't go over 1ppm. You can follow this formula until your cycle recovers.

    Ammonia + Nitrites = less than 1ppm, add full tank dose of Prime. Recheck parameters in 24 hours
    Ammonia + Nitrites = 1ppm or greater, do 50% water change. Add full tank volume dose of Prime. Recheck parameters in 24 hours.

    Your goal with water change is to reduce Ammonia and nitrites to 0.5ppm or below. You may need to change more than 50% to achieve that.

    Full tank dose of Prime is 0.1ml per gallon. 1ml per 10 gallons or 6 ml for 60 gallons. Double dose Prime is recommended for high chlorine/chloramine levels and is safe to use routinely. It however doesn't make a difference for high Ammonia levels. Even at double dose it still only detoxifies 1ppm of ammonia.

    You can add bottled bacteria daily also, if you want to. It shouldn't take too long for your cycle to recover, but you may lose more fish in the process.

    Is your pH always that low?? Because that could be the reason you lost your cycle. 6 is too low to maintain your cycle and can cause your fish to die. Do you know what your kH/gH is? What about if you have hard or soft water?

  11. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    Thank you.

    Unfortunately, yes, my water is that pH normally. I can raise it with baking soda but I can't seem to make the tank stay that pH. I have checked my local hardware store for lime but I can't get any. I have a cuttlebone in the tank but it isn't helping. Maybe I can crush it some and put it in the filter? The water is 6 out of the tap.

    I read on the bottle of prime that I can use up to 5x the dose to help with nitrites. Maybe I read it wrong? I don't even have nitrites but I was just trying anything to save the fish :(

    Would prime make the reading of ammonia lower on the test or would it just detoxify what's in the tank? It read 0.5 after the big water change.

    I never thought to check the bottle for a warning about prime. I'll check in a bit.

    My water is soft as far as I can tell. It took 3 drops to change the gh test and unfortunately my kh test is probably too old to work because it didn't change at all. I need to get a new test kit but I just never got around to it.

    This is all getting extremely stressful to me :( With all the things going wrong with the tank, we're also in the middle of a complete kitchen reno that we're doing ourself, and my kiddos have decided they don't need sleep anymore. :'( Extra water changes just aren't in the schedule right now. :'( I'll obviously do them but I really wish the power didn't go out. :(

    I'll follow your formula. Thank you for the help.
  12. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    Would something like this work to put some in my filter (in a mesh bag) to raise the pH?

    Home Hardware
  13. AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

    I would look for crushed coral. It is basically crushed seashells. You should be able to get that at a hardware store or at the pet store. I know they have it online. It is the easiest and cheapest way to raise your pH. You literally fill up a media bag, and drop it into your filter and it will naturally raise your pH.

    I really believe that this is why your fish are dying. You gotta get that pH up.
  14. Fashooga Well Known Member Member

    I was looking at the videos and I do think Ph is the problem here. The ammonia and the low Ph is making the fish miserable. I also see some of the white lining outlining the fins which is a sign of the slim coat coming off.

    I know this cause I had a Ph crash myself and lost a number of fish as a result. As @AllieSten says crush coral will help immensely with the low Ph. Basically go to a lfs and get a bag of the stuff and stuff it into a mesh bag. I used 2 cups of crush coal for my 85 gallon tank and brought it from a 6.0 to a 7.2 in a matter of days.

    Baking Soda is just a short term solution. It usually dissipates in a matter of days where crush coral will be there for months before you'll need to replace it, if you need to.

    Lime stone could work, I would research it first and make sure there are no chemicals. Sometimes getting crush coral from the LFS is better than risking getting it outside a LFS.
  15. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    Thank you both.

    I've been looking online and I can't find anything less than a 15 lb bag. It will cost me $60 in shipping alone. :( I can find small bags on ebay but they're from China and I don't know if I can trust that it's actually coral. If you have some sources that are in Canada that I can order from I would be very grateful.

    I do not have a lfs and the hardware store here doesn't carry crushed coral, I checked. I can go to the beach and pick up mussel shells and smash them. Would that be useful?

    Should I raise the pH with baking soda now?
  16. Fashooga Well Known Member Member

    Picking stuff off from the beach can do more harm than good. You can also try dolomite if those are available. If not limestone helps but you will want to add it in slowly and see how the tank adjusts to it.

    Try landscaping companies around your area.
  17. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    Ok... Found this and thanks to Amazon prime I have 20 lb is crushed coral coming to me for free shipping. And more Prime.

    Please tell me this is a good choice!

    Worldwide Nature's Ocean Hawaiian Coral Gravel
  18. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    I really appreciate your help. Unfortunately, these are not options that I have available to me :( Check out Baie Verte, Newfoundland on Google maps. Haha!
  19. Fashooga Well Known Member Member

    You sure are out there, tiny little town. I would see if any friends that are coming up to hang out see if they can bring in supplies from the city or take the risk and order it online. Perhaps driving into town will help out more than trusting something from China.
  20. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    Thanks :) The closest place that has a reputable lfs is 600 km away. Unfortunately, with a 2 year old and a 4 year old it's not a trip I can make easily.

    I ordered from Amazon. The brand that I ordered is the same kind that is used in the solid gold video on using crushed coral to increase the pH.