Notched tank frame? Question

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    When I got my first tank (2 years ago, wow) I noticed that the frame around the top of the tank had two notches: one at each end of the back of the tank.

    The instructions said that the notches marked the back and that I should not use that side as the front.

    Now, two years later, I'm wondering why it matters. Any ideas?
  2. chevyguy8893

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    The notches, if they are the same, on my 10 gallon are used for alignment pins that are on the cover that came with it. I don't know if there is any other reasons for them.
  3. LyleB

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    I believe that they may be for drainage.

    I know on a recent tank purchase the sticker pointing out that the notched side was the back stipulated that: "If using a full hood, place this side to the back." That is paraphrasing. I believe it may be so when you open the hood, the condensation runs down to the back, and can drain back into the tank via the notches, instead of traveling all around the top, and possibly overflowing at some point.

    At least that's what I'm assuming.
  4. OP

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    Okay... what prompted my question is a warning in the Marina HOB breeding box instructions. I've just set one up to give my pregnant-and-overdue platy some peace and quiet, and I've got it hanging on the front of the tank for easy observation.

    The instructions say something about having minimum glass thickness so the HOB's weight doesn't crack the glass. I got a little worried about whether the back of the tank might be thicker glass or otherwise more suited for the weight. Then I remembered the notches and thought, hmmm... ???
  5. LyleB

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    Please make note of my very last statement - I'm assuming. You know what that can lead to.

    Your concern may have some validity too, though I've never heard of that, and wouldn't understand why Tetra would put the comment about a full hood on the sticker if that were the case.

    Maybe someone else can give you a "certain" answer. Or maybe call Tetra and ask?

    Personally, this was the first time I've even noticed notches, and have never worried about which side was front and which was back. I don't really think it makes a structural difference.

    I found the label from the new Tetra Tank. The sticker reads exactly (including the underline):

    "When using a Full Hood, position this side as the back of the aquarium."

    Their support number is : 1-800-423-6458 (off of the label on the tank)
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    If it's just for a full hood, condensation/drainage sounds right. :) I might call later.