Not sure where to post this... weird yellow algae?

Discussion in 'Algae' started by Smurfles, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. SmurflesNew MemberMember

    Hey guys,

    It's been a while since i've come on here. Everything was going fine with my fish and slowly nitrates etc were all coming down.

    My tank isn't very big, and is the biggest the landlord would let me have so I have to make do. It's a 5.5 gallon with one male platy in. I do water changes twice a week, at the beginning and around friday time. Because I found it was the best way to keep the nitrates from cropping up again. However recently, i've noticed that the air tube on filter had this black build up in which escalated into a yellow/orange substance building up on the lower half, but just the outside.

    I've cleaned it off a couple times but it comes back, and it's on the glass now too. So tonight during my water change i've cleaned everything but I still don't know what it is. Do you guys have any ideas

    Also levels:
    Nitrates 10ppm
    Ammonia 0ppm
  2. lwillValued MemberMember

    Is it yellowish brown? Could just be diatoms which are apparently normal in newer tanks. If that's the case just scrub and eventually it should go away with regular water changes. I've also read that not having the light on for long enough will encourage them

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  3. mopaValued MemberMember

    Funny thing with algae not enough light you get diatoms looks brownish too much light you get green algae. I had diatoms in my tank when first started they do stop in time, just wipe off and rinse off deco and you be fine.
  4. SmurflesNew MemberMember

    Yeah they are a yellowish/brown, and having the light off would make sense. I'm away a couple days a week so the light is left off but the tank is near a window so there is still some light. Well thanks for the advice atleast I know there's nothing to worry about. :)

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