not sure where this goes... tote as quarantine tank

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    k9z3boys Valued Member Member

    I have seen suggestions and people using totes as quarantine tanks....I think this is genius!
    does it need to be washed out first assuming it didn't have mouse poo or dog food etc in it ( just clothes and papers)

    I saw about putting in an airstone... or bubble somesuch. what about the filter?

    we don't have an extra filter per se and I hate to run right out and buy a bunch of small tank stuff......

    how long can the fish be in the bucket/tote without airstone and or filter?

    plugs are at a minimum at this point...
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    hopeful fish Well Known Member Member

    It is a brilliant idea. Saves money!

    It all depends on the tote. Some totes have toxic chemicals in the plastic or coating, so be sure to ensure that the plastic in yours won't contaminate the water.

    I'd at least rinse it with hot water. If you know that it has only been used for clothes, then hot water will do, but it you are unsure, I'd bleach/sanitize it.

    All tanks need a filter, no matter how big or small. This is especially important in a QT tank, because the fish are generally stressed and more sensitive to disease. As long as there is surface agitation from the filter and sufficient oxygen levels, you don't need an airstone. I'd say that they shouldn't be without a filter for more than 4-5 hours in a large tote with small fish. Also make sure that you have some decorations or hiding places in there for the fish.